Industry Blames Pirate Fishing as Red King Prices Drop

Tuesday, November 25 2014

The Bering Sea red king crab fleet finished catching 10 million pounds of quota last week -- and they're facing some lackluster prices as the crab goes to market. It could be due to higher catch limits in Alaska and Russia.

There’s also the problem of pirates. Illegal crab harvesting is declining, but industry groups say it’s still their biggest concern. KUCB’s Annie Ropeik reports on what impact it had this year.

Council to Get Update on Capital Projects

Tuesday, November 25 2014

City council will meet tonight to move forward with revamping the Bobby Storrs Small Boat Harbor. And they’ll hear the latest on $72 million worth of ongoing capital projects.

NMFS Expands Fishing Near Steller Sea Lion Habitat

Tuesday, November 25 2014

The National Marine Fisheries Service will re-open fisheries in the Western Aleutian Islands that have been restricted for years to protect a population of Steller sea lions.

Talk of the Town

UCSD Student of the Week: Aldrin Tan

Monday, November 24 2014

Student of the Week for November 10-14, 2014

The 5th/6th Grade Department selected Aldrin Tan as Student of the Week for the following reasons:

Aldrin comes into class with a smile on his face and a true desire to learn and excel. If there is an assignment on the board, he immediately starts to work. If the assignment reuires any introductory instructions, Aldrin can be counted on to remain quiet and focused. Although he's as willing as the next student to laugh at something said or done, in the classroom, he never loses sight of his primary mission - dedicated, hardworking student! Congratulations, Aldrin! It's a pleasure to have you as one of my students. - Ms. Anderson, ESL Teacher

Turket Trot
Wednesday, November 26 2014, 6 p.m.
Senior Center Thanksgiving Potluck
Wednesday, November 26 2014, noon
DMV Closure
Thursday, November 27 2014 - Monday, December 15 2014
Host a Coasty
Thursday, November 27 2014
Unalaska Public Library Closure
Thursday, November 27 2014
Unalaska City Hall Closure
Thursday, November 27 2014 - Friday, November 28 2014
Second Blessings!
Friday, November 28 2014, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

a random sample...
Public Safety
Wednesday 12 November 2014, midnight
Local hotel manager requested officer assistance with a guest who has been calling 911 to report that the hotel is not providing adequate room service.  Officer advised that the guest cannot be charged for calling 911 but that the Hotel has the right to trespass the guest.
Release Conditions
Saturday 15 November 2014, midnight
Malaefou Laulu, 37, was arrested for violating his conditions of release.  Laulu’s conditions of release advised him not to enter liquor establishments and not to drink alcohol.  Laulu was found at a local bar.
Friday 14 November 2014, midnight
Local boat captain requested officers trespass an intoxicated crew member from his vessel.  Officers responded and advised the individual that he was permanently trespassed from the vessel.
Sunday 09 November 2014, 2:51 a.m.
Per Security, and officer advised several men who had recently assaulted and robbed someone that they were no longer welcome at the business.

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