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Public Domain, US Government work, via Wikimedia Commons.

Where Are The Herring? Unalaska's Fishery Remains On Hold While Seiners Search

The commercial herring fishery is on hold in Unalaska — because no one can find the fish. The herring season opened more than a week ago. So far, fishermen haven't had any luck, even with a spotter pilot searching from above. "There's been no appreciable harvest at all," said Frank Kelty on the Unalaska Fisheries Report. "The fish appear to be well offshore and in very deep water where the seiners can't get to them." Kelty said three or four seiners are registered to fish this season, while...
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Talk of the Town

Library Mini-Golf Event Was One For the Books

Last Saturday at 7pm, the Unalaska Public Library invited the community to come out and play the one-night-only, custom designed 9-hole mini-golf course. Staff from the library and the PCR gathered an hour earlier to build obstacles for each of the unique nine holes. Throughout the course, balls were impeded with intricate patterns of drinking straws, a half dozen lego sculptures, upturned books and a dismantled Jenga game. The Alaskana room of the library was transformed into a particularly...
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