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Daher Jorge

Crabbers Report Abundant Bairdi After Fishery's Controversial Closure

The Bering Sea b​airdi crab fishery stayed closed this year for the fi​rst time in four seasons. State biologists decided there were too fe​w crab to harvest safely, but fishermen are questi​oning that call. They say they saw plentiful bairdi while crabbing for other species. At a Board of Fisheries meeting in Anchorage this week, commissioners are looking into the possibility of opening the fishery even in low-abundance years. The crew of the F/V Polar Sea stands at a metal table on the deck...

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Talk of the Town

Genee Shaishnikoff

Boys Basketball Team Headed to State, Girls Close Season Strong

The Unalaska Raiders are headed to state. The boys’ basketball team qualified for the state tournament last weekend, winning all three of their regional games.

The girls' team narrowly missed a state berth. They won their first game against Dillingham 40-43, and went on to play Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay outscored the...

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The Pentagon announced yesterday that it had killed a Pakistani terrorist leader with ties to al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban.

In a statement, the Pentagon said that Qari Yasin was killed in a U.S. airstrike on March 19 in Afghanistan's Paktika Province. It said he was a "senior terrorist figure" and that he had plotted the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore and the 2008 bombing of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad.

Reuters reports that Yasin was killed in a drone strike.

For a girl growing up on a one-lane dirt road in a Connecticut town, it seemed the only way to look was up.

But Nancy Miorelli was nearsighted, so although she spent most days outside until dinnertime, she couldn't see the birds flying above her head.

"So I guess that left things that were crawling on the ground," the 27-year-old entomologist says.

Yep, bugs. But poor eyesight isn't the reason she puts herself in what others might feel is nightmarish proximity to bugs these days.

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