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Chrissy Roes/KUCB

Council Passes 2017 Fiscal Budget

The council approved a more than $29 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year, but not until they removed a $13,000 capital grant designated for the Unalaska Divers Association or UDA. The organization asked for funds to cover four sets of dive gear with the goal of increasing community access and participation in the pricey activity. Without the money from city council, anyone interested in trying out scuba diving must front $6,000 dollars for their own gear. Councilor Yudelka Leclere...
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Talk of the Town

Raiders Steal Our Hearts at 2016 Graduation

Smiling friends and family filed into the large gym waiting with anticipation for the senior class to boldly walk the aisle to the UCSD band playing the classic graduation march, “Pomp and Circumstance.” Spirits were high at the 2016 UCSD Graduation Ceremony which was held Saturday, May 21st at 7pm. The class of 2016 took seats in the corner opposite the band under a massive arch made of blue and gold balloons. The ceremony started off with a few kind words from UCSD Superintendent John...
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