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Tundra Fire Could Pass Through Village Site

A tundra fire could pass through what is left of the Makushin village site. When flying his airplane Saturday, Unalaska resident Clint Huling saw smoke and realized there was a fire between the Makushin village site and Volcano Bay. “You don’t see a lot of open flame because it’s tundra," Huling said. "It’s very small fires, but there’s a very distinct smoke line and it runs all the way from the top of the ridge down to the lake.” In 36 years living in Unalaska, this biggest blaze he’s seen....

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Max Kaufman/Alaska Volcano Observatory/University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute

New Equipment Helps Scientists Keep Tabs On Bogoslof Now And Study It Later

Talk of the Town

Berett Wilber/KUCB

Unalaskans Celebrate Summer With Solstice Run

No sun? No problem.

Unalaskans celebrated midsummer last night in the annual Solstice run. Despite chilly temperatures and overcast skies, twenty runners finished the two-mile course. Jonathane Pereat finished first in the men’s category, with a time of 13:37, beating second place finisher Guillermo Curiel by more than a minute. For the women, first place finisher Cheyenne Stewart came in at 18:39, just two seconds before second place finisher Noelle Rucinski.

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Seized by violence and teetering on the edge of famine, Yemen is grappling with another danger that threatens to outpace them both: cholera.

"We are now facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world," international health authorities said in a statement Saturday.

You could say Martha is a rather cheeky gal.

That is, the jowly 3-year-old Neapolitan mastiff has some remarkably expansive cheeks — so expansive, in fact, they droop practically to her knees and flap like slobbery wings when she shakes her head.

And now they've earned Martha a prestigious honor: the title of world's ugliest dog.

Pakistan was hit with a spate of violence in several cities Friday, leaving the country to cope with the deaths of dozens of people and scores more injured. In twin bombings at a market in Parachinar, a car bombing in Quetta and a shooting in Karachi, more than 80 people were killed in the bloodshed.

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