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Lauren joined KUCB as a summer intern, and stuck around to work as a producer and reporter. She now covers transportation, local politics, Arctic shipping, unexploded ordnance, and much more.

In the past, Lauren has worked for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Conservation Minnesota. She is a product of western Washington State.


Kayaking Film Set for Local Debut

Thursday, March 26 2015

Credit: Justine Curgenven / Cackle TV

A new documentary about a radical kayaking run through the Aleutian Islands will premiere tonight in Unalaska.

The film, called “Kayaking the Aleutians,” tells the story of a 101-day trip through the turbulent waters in the Chain.

Justine Curgenven -- an experienced kayaker and filmmaker -- captured the footage last summer while she was traveling alongside Sarah Outen.

Shell Oil Switches Up Alaska Leadership

Monday, March 23 2015

Shell Oil has replaced one of its top executives in charge of exploration off the coast of Alaska.

As vice president of Shell's Alaska venture, Pete Slaiby traveled the state to build support for Arctic drilling and defend the program against its critics.

He left Anchorage almost two months ago for a new job at Shell's corporate headquarters. An engineer by training, Slaiby's now in charge of decommissioning and restoring equipment throughout the company.

Spokesperson Megan Baldino says that change is not related to problems the company faced during its last Arctic drilling season.

The Exchange: Safe Hiking in the Rugged Aleutians

Thursday, March 19 2015

Credit: Jeri Rosenthal

In this segment, two Unalaska public safety experts share their tips for safely exploring the island on foot. 

The Exchange: Rep. Bryce Edgmon Reflects on Budgeting

Thursday, March 19 2015

Credit: KTOO Digital Services

Alaska’s lawmakers are leaving few stones unturned as they look for ways to fill a $3.5 billion deficit. Democrat Bryce Edgmon has been representing the Aleutian Islands throughout the budgeting process.

In this segment of The Exchange, Edgmon discusses the trimmed-down spending plan that’s working its way through the Legislature.

Entrepreneur Pitches "Fish Franks" As Key to Recovery in St. George

Tuesday, March 17 2015

The Aleutian Marketplace contest was designed to gather ideas and provide funding for new start-up businesses around the Bering Sea.

As the competition heads into its second round, one winner is asking for extra support -- and a chance to turn his recipe for success into the real thing.

"It’s called Captain K Fish Franks," says inventor Kristjan Laxfoss. "But it’s just like a hot dog."

Mass Shooting Scenario Unfolds at Unalaska's Port

Monday, March 16 2015

Coast Guard personnel and local ambulance crews worked together to treat simulated gunshot wounds. (Lauren Rosenthal/KUCB)

It was almost impossible to make out the Coast Guard cutter Munro as it sat at the municipally owned dock on Friday afternoon.

The white ship disappeared behind blowing snow. But the line of red SUVs and ambulances from Unalaska’s fire department stuck out like a sore thumb.

They were waiting for an off-duty police officer to open fire on the cutter Munro.

USCG, Public Safety to Stage Shooting Drill

Thursday, March 12 2015

The active shooter drill was proposed by the crew of the USCG cutter Munro. (Pipa Escalante/KUCB)

The Coast Guard is teaming up with emergency personnel in Unalaska to practice their response to a mass shooting on the docks -- in one of the region’s busiest ports.

On Friday afternoon, a lone gunman will approach the Coast Guard cutter Munro at its berth in the City Dock and begin firing off blanks.

Local Rescuers Retrieve Stranded Hiker

Monday, March 09 2015

The hiker called for help from Mt. Coxcomb around 9:30 Friday night.

Emergency personnel rescued a hiker and her dog from a precarious peak in Unalaska this weekend.

Fire chief Zac Schasteen says a woman in her late twenties called for help after she became stuck on Mt. Coxcomb on Friday night.

The terrain was rough on the mountain, which overlooks Summer Bay. Schasteen says the woman wasn’t dressed for ice and snow -- and was only carrying water when she first set out from Memorial Park with her dog.

Horizon Lines Aims to Level Shipping Crane

Friday, March 06 2015

What goes up must come down -- and the crane that Horizon Lines has kept at the Unalaska Marine Center dock for more than 20 years is no exception.

Horizon has hired R.L. Moore Metal Recycling to remove the crane from its rails. Traffic was stopped on Ballyhoo Road around 4 p.m. on Thursday as the contractors made their second attempt in as many days.

Ron Moore says his company has performed similar jobs at ports in Virginia. But the Horizon crane presents a unique problem.

Family, Friends Remember Local TV's "Mr. Mick"

Friday, March 06 2015

Mick Roraback dyes Easter eggs on an episode of "Mr. Mick's Clubhouse."

For more than four decades, Unalaskans have been taking to the airwaves to broadcast their own mix of local news and original TV shows.

Channel 8 lost a prolific volunteer from its past this winter, when Mick Roraback died at the age of 54.

KUCB’s Lauren Rosenthal has this remembrance of the characters he left behind.

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