Foundation Makes Wish Come True in Unalaska

Tuesday, October 29 2013

KUCB, C.E.M. Boat Harbor

Wishes came true last week for a girl facing a life-threatening medical condition when she was able to achieve her dream of meeting with the captains and crews of her favorite boats on the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch. The 18 year old girl and her mother came to Unalaska from their home in Wichita Falls, Texas with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) coordinated with the foundation to assist the women in meeting with the captains and crews of the Northwestern and the Time Bandit crabbing vessels. Producers and film crews of the Deadliest Catch offered assistance during their stay, and community members Jimmer and Alyssa McDonald accommodated them and took the pair out crab fishing for a taste of what life is like on the island.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization that grants the wish of a child that has been diagnosed with a life-threatening or terminal illness. Their goal is to provide children with enriching human experiences that create hope, strength, and joy, and possibly even give them with the fortitude to improve their condition. They work closely with the child’s physician and family to determine eligibility and when is the most appropriate time to grant the child’s wish. CVB is currently coordinating with Make-A-Wish to grant another child’s wish of coming out to Unalaska later this year.

because. on Wednesday, November 06 2013:

The CM isn't on the show anymore, so it is irrelevant. The fact she got to do that is an added bonus.
She wished "to Meat the deadliest catch Captains of the Time Bandit & the Northwester" its not like her wish wouldn't have been fulfilled if the CM wasn't here.

It just goes to show that the CM intentions were not honest, they were only trying to prove that are just as good as the other boats. The crew it just a collection of rejects from the other boats anyways.

someone on Saturday, November 02 2013:

Great article and then the "look at me" folks have to add that they were part of the make a wish thing. (and why did they not get noticed) Get over yourselves all of you.....Try to understand that this NOT about you....As someone who knows the players in all of this can you guys just put the Public Relations thing down for a second...The world is not just about YOU!

Julie on Thursday, October 31 2013:

That is really special I am happy she got to do that. I am glad that make a wish is really good to help kids that way. This made my day.

Someone on Thursday, October 31 2013:

Why did no one mention that Ashley visited the F/V Cornelia Marie? Ashley named one of their crab pots & it came up with a good number of King Crab in itM

Someone on Thursday, October 31 2013:

It's great that the Deadliest Catch gets all the hand clapping for this however Ashley went on the Cornelia Marie as well, she has a pot named after her and picked her own spot to put that pot. Her pot got 89 crab, something like that.

It's not just TM and Northwestern...the crew of the CM went all out as well.

Please give credit to everyone who participated.

Katherine L on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

Such a wonderful gift, 'Make a Wish' and it comes true! Giving back to those in need is a true Blessing. Thank you to all that made this possible. <3

:) on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

It's so nice to hear some good news on this island.

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