Frank provides an update on the delayed herring fishery, the new quota for brown king crab, and more.  

Laura Kraegel

Looking to run for local office?

Starting Thursday, Unalaskans can declare their candidacy for mayor, city council, or school board. There’ll be six positions on the ballot in the October election.

Unalaska’s mayor will serve a three-year term. All mayoral candidates must have lived in the city for at least one year.

The same goes for anyone running for city council. There are three seats up on the council: two three-year positions and one that serves for one year.

Laura Kraegel

Western Alaska just got one step closer to high-speed internet.

That's because after years of planning and wrangling permits, Quintillion is finally ready to lay fiber optic cable from Prudhoe Bay to Nome. The telecom company has one vessel stationed in the Bering Sea and another close behind.

The Ile de Brehat has left its homeport in France, passed through the Panama Canal, and will soon arrive in Nome. That's where the vessel will start laying a path of fiber optic cable below the sea floor — a path that will wind more than a thousand miles up to the North Slope.

Newscast: 07/21/16

Jul 21, 2016

Unalaskans can now declare candidacy for October municipal elections; a murder investigation is underway in Ivanof Bay; and a closer look at the ship bringing high-speed fiber internet to Western Alaska. 

ADF&G Weekly Sport Fishing Report: July 21, 2016

Jul 21, 2016

  Regulation reminders:

· The bag limit for Unalaska Bay fresh and saltwaters is 5 salmon per day of which only 2 may be sockeye and 2 may be coho.

· The bag limit for the remainder of Unalaska Island is 5 salmon per day all of which may be sockeye or coho.

· Anglers are reminded that Town Creek (Iliuliuk) is closed to fishing for sockeye year round.

· The saltwaters of Summer Bay are open to snagging; however, the freshwaters from the outlet of Summer’s Bay Lake to the ocean are closed to all sportfishing.