Man Found Safe After Search in Captain's Bay

Thursday, July 24 2014

Fire and harbor officers took the Tide Breaker to search for the missing man. /Credit: Robert Willis

A local fisherman is safe after he left his fish camp and prompted a search effort in Captain’s Bay late Wednesday night.

Deputy police chief Mike Holman says public safety got a call around 1:30 a.m. Thursday from a man at a fish camp on the far western shore of the bay. The man said a friend at the camp had been drinking, and had taken a skiff and gone out on the water.

"They’d tried to stop him, but he left," Holman says. "And a few minutes after he left, they heard yelling -- they believed, somebody yelling for help."

Bridge Work Will Force PCR to Reroute Summer Bay Classic

Wednesday, July 23 2014

A sign near the beach parking area lets drivers know that Summer Bay Bridge is closed to traffic. (Annie Ropeik/KUCB)

Construction on the new bridge in Summer Bay is having an unexpected impact on an Unalaska tradition.

The Bobby Johnson Summer Bay Classic is an annual half marathon. The race usually goes across the pass and over the Summer Bay bridge -- which is under construction.

Public works director Tom Cohenour says the footbridge that contractors have installed on-site will not be available for the race Aug. 23.

"They installed that temporary bridge for their use only," Cohenour says.

City Council Rejects Proposed Zoning Changes

Wednesday, July 23 2014

The city will go back to the drawing board on new regulations for subdivisions and construction camps after council voted down a set of proposed changes last night.

The vote was five to zero against revisions to city zoning code that have been in the works for months.

The ordinance covered five separate parts of Title 8 – but councilors and citizens who testified focused on two: new rules for subdivisions, and construction camps.

Planning staff say the new subdivision rules would reinforce existing laws, making sure future lease lots are up to code.

Season Winds Down for Aleutian Herring Fleet

Tuesday, July 22 2014

Courtesy of ADF&G

There's still fish in the water, but seiners are done harvesting herring in the Aleutian Islands.

The purse seine fleet picked up their last load of herring on Saturday night north of Akutan. Fish & Game biologist Nathaniel Nichols says that leaves about 160 tons of herring on the table out of the 1,805 tons up for harvest this season.

"The processors decided they had enough before we got to the allocation, so they quit fishing," says Nichols.

Council to Consider Added Permissions for Construction Camps

Tuesday, July 22 2014

City council will take another look at new rules for construction camps when they meet tonight.

For months, the city has been considering a set of changes to the zoning code, or Title 8. The proposed revisions include new regulations for how and where to build construction camps in town.

At council's last meeting, councilor Dennis Robinson said he was concerned the changes would make it too easy for camps to become long-term installations. He said he’d rather see the city focus on encouraging permanent housing.

Unalaska Revives Historic Preservation Commission After Long Lapse

Monday, July 21 2014

The old historic preservation commission helped restore the city-owned Henry Swanson house in downtown Unalaska. (Annie Ropeik/KUCB)

After letting its historic preservation commission lapse six years ago, Unalaska is trying something new. City council voted recently to merge the preservation commission with the planning and zoning board.

It puts development and cultural conservation in the hands of one group that includes city staff. And as KUCB’s Annie Ropeik reports, that’s raised concerns about a conflict of interest.

Man Faces DUI, Drug Charges After Crash

Monday, July 21 2014

City workers prepare to haul the pickup truck off the beach next to Summer Bay Road on Friday. (Annie Ropeik/KUCB)

A local man was arrested on charges of driving under the influence after police say he crashed a company truck near Memorial Park in Unalaska on Friday.

Thirty-year-old Kyle Eby was driving a Ford pickup down Summer Bay Road toward the landfill Friday afternoon when he swerved off the road and rolled over into the water.

Arnold Betancourt says he witnessed the crash as leaving the landfill.

Aleutian Herring Fishery Kicks Off Near Akutan

Thursday, July 17 2014

Courtesy of ADF&G

The Aleutian Islands herring fishery is off to a slow start.

Nathaniel Nichols is a biologist monitoring the harvest for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. In a good year, he says, the entire 1,805-ton allocation can be taken in three days.

The season officially opened on Tuesday.

"So far, I think we’ve got around 500 tons already caught," Nichols says. "So we’re chugging along."

Store Owners Plead Not Guilty to Drug Charges

Thursday, July 17 2014

Two local business owners accused of running a large drug operation out of their store and home have pleaded not guilty.

Tam Nguyen, age 46, and Thu McConnell, 45, operated the Dutch Harbor Asia shop for several years. They were arrested in May after police traced an alleged heroin sale to the store.

An Anchorage grand jury indicted Nguyen and McConnell on July 9. Nguyen is facing a dozen felony charges for allegedly using the business -- and the house he shared with McConnell on Biorka Drive -- to sell cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and Oxycodone. 

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