Pollock Limit Set to Rise In 2015

Monday, December 15 2014

Although there's plenty of fish in the water, the Bering Sea's biggest fishery won't get too much bigger in 2015. 

The federal board charged with setting catch limits agreed to put 3 percent more pollock -- or 1.31 million metric tons -- up for harvest next year.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council set the limit this weekend during a meeting in Anchorage. The industry stakeholders and regulators on the board were presented with new data, which shows a substantial increase in the biomass of pollock. 

Unalaska Raiders Make a Splash at State

Monday, December 15 2014

The Unalaska Raiders made a strong showing this weekend at two state championship tournaments in Anchorage.

The girls’ volleyball team overcame an early loss against Koliganek to shut out Hooper Bay. The Raiders notched another victory against Kenny Lake, finishing in fourth place overall.

Unalaska has been a strong performer in the 2A Borealis conference over the last few years. The Raiders took second place in 2013 after a hard-fought game against Su Valley. But Su Valley was absent from the state finals this weekend. The championship title went to Klawock.

10 Years On, Selendang Ayu Spill's Legacy Still Evolving

Wednesday, December 10 2014

The Selendang Ayu split in two halves off Unalaska's coastline in early December 2004. (Credit: Lauren Adams/KUCB)

This week marks 10 years since the bulk carrier Selendang Ayu ran aground off Unalaska Island.

The ship lost power and broke in half against the shore, spilling oil and its soybean cargo, and leaving six crew members dead.

It was the biggest shipping disaster in the Aleutians’ recent history -- and as KUCB's Annie Ropeik reports, its impacts are still evolving today.

Council Asks for Details on Builders' Tax, Utility Costs

Wednesday, December 10 2014

A vacant lot in the Valley neighborhood. (Annie Ngo/KUCB)

City council got a list of choices for how to move forward addressing Unalaska’s housing shortage at their meeting Tuesday night. Their short answer: do it all.

Councilors asked city staff to get legal opinions on certain tax abatements. And they wanted information on the financial status of city utilities before looking at making new lines cheaper.

Elders Return Home to 'Lost Villages of the Eastern Aleutians'

Tuesday, December 09 2014

Nick Lekanoff, Sr. and his daughter return to Makushin in August 2009. (Courtesy: NPS)

Three traditional villages on the far side of Unalaska Island fell to ruin after their Unangan residents were relocated during World War II.

Now, a new book tells the stories of Kashega, Biorka and Makushin villages -- from settlement, to abandonment, to the return of the elders who grew up there.

KUCB’s Annie Ropeik sat down with authors Ray Hudson and Rachel Mason to talk more about Lost Villages of the Eastern Aleutians.

Coast Guard Phases Out of Oryong 501 Search

Tuesday, December 09 2014

The Coast Guard cutters Munro and Alex Haley have been helping search for the missing crew of the sunk trawler Oryong 501 in the western Bering Sea. (Credit: Diana Honings/USCG)

The Coast Guard is preparing to pull back from a search effort in the Western Bering Sea, a week after a fishing vessel sank there with dozens of people on board.

Rescuers have found 27 deceased crew members from the South Korean pollock boat since last week. Twenty-six are still missing. Others were rescued just after the Oryong 501 was hit by a wave, flooded and sank.

After Housing Talks, Council to Choose Next Steps

Tuesday, December 09 2014

City council will decide how to move forward in addressing residents’ concerns about affordable housing in Unalaska at their meeting tonight.

At their special session on housing, several councilors expressed support for offering tax abatements for developers and finding ways to lower the cost of utility extensions for new subdivisions.

Tonight, they’ll choose from a list of directions to staff on how to do that -- like finding out the pros and cons of deferring or ending certain property taxes, or setting up a housing website or a forum with government lenders.

Search Goes On for Missing Crew of Sunk Pollock Boat

Wednesday, December 03 2014

An undated photo of the Oryong 501. (via Korea Times)

Rescuers have recovered the bodies of 11 more crew members from a South Korean pollock boat that sank in the Bering Sea on Monday. 

The U.S. Coast Guard has been helping Russian officials and good Samaritan fishing vessels look for survivors from the Oryong 501. The trawler was hit by a wave, and sank in Russian waters northwest of St. Matthew Island.

Developers Ask City to Lower Cost of Building Housing

Wednesday, December 03 2014

A vacant lot in Unalaska's Valley neighborhood. (Annie Ngo/KUCB)

Unalaska’s developers were out in force at a special city council meeting on housing Tuesday night, asking for all the help they could get to build new properties.

The request from landowners and builders like Brian Whittern was clear: 

"Anything that the city can do to make development easier, and lower the cost and offer incentives," he said.

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