Adak's Seafood Processing Equipment Sold as Unit

Tuesday, June 18 2013

Adak Processing Plant, Credit: Hilco Industrial

The equipment from Adak’s fish processing plant was auctioned off in one piece Tuesday morning. The City of Adak and the Adak Community Development Corporation jointly submitted the winning bid of $1.8 million.

Rhode Island-based Independence Bank was selling the equipment in the wake of Icicle Seafoods’ departure from Adak earlier this year. They offered it up wholesale first, and the Adak partnership outbid two other potential buyers -- one unidentified, and Anchorage-based Rotating Services, LLC.

The $1.8 million bid bought all of the equipment inside the plant – from the cod processing lines to the forklifts. It didn’t, however, come with a lease on the facility, which is owned by Aleut Enterprise. President Rudy Tsukada says while there’s no agreement in place right now, he’s “look[ing] forward to working with the city of Adak to solidify fisheries [sic] role in the economy of Adak.”

The city says it’s not planning to operate the plant, but will be looking for someone who can. Neither the city nor ACDC would comment further on the arrangement until the details are sorted out. 

Realist on Thursday, June 20 2013:

Well "Old Cynical Man", you obviously have not been nor stayed up to date with what actually is happening in Adak. Though you may follow the news articles about Adak, you surely haven't done your research. If you did you 1. Would know how the fish plant is a catalyst for economic activity so that those needed improvements would be made; 2. You would also know that there are entrepreneurs who are addressing gear/food issues; 3. You certainly don't know how the Essential air service program works or you would know, just like the entire town does that Alaska airlines has the contract for another two years. Alas, best regards to you since Adak doesn't need your pessimistic attitude at this point.

Larry Hodge on Wednesday, June 19 2013:

The fish plant is one of the keys to the community's longterm survival. I am proud of them for trying to make it work. Go Adak! And thanks to KUCB for great coverage.

Old Cynical Man on Wednesday, June 19 2013:

"The city says it’s not planning to operate the plant, but will be looking for someone who can."
So who wants to run a plant where there is no reliable workforce, the power is 90 cents a kilowatt, aging non-maintained infrastructure, no repair services/no gear/minimal food/ and no mail for fishermen when they arrive = hope they find someone.

What if AK airlines loses its federal subsidies - no more air service at $1100 either - Thats a fact Jack

William Waters on Wednesday, June 19 2013:

thats great, the economy in that area can use the business

Cory on Wednesday, June 19 2013:

Congratulations to Adak. I am happy this worked out for the community.

Larry Hodge on Tuesday, June 18 2013:

Thank you Adak!

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