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The red king cra​b fishery is off to a         bo​oming start in Bristol Bay, despite predictions of a down season.

The fleet has caught two-thirds of its quota in just a doz​en days, and managers say fishermen are unloading big, beauti​ful crab at the dock.

Newscast: 10/27/16

21 hours ago

The red king crab fishery is off to a booming start in Bristol Bay, despite predictions of a down season; a moderate earthquake has struck about 90 miles south of False Pass; and snow has been late to fall in communities across Alaska.  

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On dinner tables across the country, Americans are eating more fish. The United States is responsible for more fish consumption than all other countries, except for China.

An annual National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report shows Americans added almost one pound of fish to their diets in 2015.

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

After federal mandates forced the city to spend more than $50 million on utilities infrastructure, the Unalaska City Council is debating how much to raise local rates — and how fast.

The goal is to re​cover the money spent and borrowed to upgrade the city's treatment facilities for water, wastewater, and solid waste. 

At a meeting Tuesday night, city councilors considered several o​ptions, including hiking utility rates, raising the local sales tax, and poaching money from the general fund.

Newscast: 10/26/16

Oct 26, 2016

The Unalaska City Council is considering how much to raise local utility rates; the Port of Dutch Harbor has been named America's largest fishing port once again; and an explosion at an Aleutian volcano has led scientists to raise its alert level from "advisory" to "watch."