Aleut Corp dividends at record high

Tuesday, March 01 2011

Unalaska, AK – The Aleut Corporation will be paying record-high dividends to shareholders this year, it has announced.

Shareholders are set to receive $21 per share, paid out in three installments over the course of the year. The first $7 installment will be paid in July, followed by payments in November and March. Aleut Corp will also be paying out an elders benefit of $1,000 to shareholders over the age of 60.

The regional Native corporation will be paying out $6.8 million total to over 3,600 shareholders in Southwest Alaska.

Dora Lekanoff Kennedy on Thursday, February 27 2014:

This page needs to revised from Kucb news 03-01-11 to 2014 news.? thank you.

edward david swanson on Sunday, January 05 2014:

Roll on Aleut Corporation, from the land down under. Colorado.(Alaskan Native)

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