Authorities Discover Gas Responsible for Exploding Containers

Tuesday, May 08 2012

News of three fatal explosions involving refrigerated shipping containers briefly shut down the Horizon Lines cargo dock in Unalaska last year. Now, Russian authorities say they’ve seized a shipment of contaminated coolant they believe is responsible for the exploding “reefers.”

Refrigeration trade publication ACR says customs officers in St. Petersburg found more than a thousand cylinders of coolant marked as Freon that in fact contained the highly flammable and explosive gas methyl chloride.

The shipment originated in China and passed through Poland on its way to Russia. ACR reports that an investigation is ongoing.

Exploder on Thursday, May 10 2012:

I hear if you mention "exploding reefers" at APL in Dutch Harbor you may be fired from your job! Way to operate, APL, squelch the chatter and cover it all up!

David Rowland on Thursday, May 10 2012:

Chinese business ethics are very suspect. I don't buy and food products from China including pet food. It the product involves moving parts, I pass it up.

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