Child Sexual Abuse Trial Begins

Wednesday, November 06 2013

The trial of a local fisherman accused of sexually abusing his young daughters began Wednesday in Unalaska.

Michel Bain, 39, faces eight felony charges, ranging from incest to penetration of a minor under 13. The alleged abuse occurred when the children were living with their father in Unalaska -- from 2006 to 2008.

Authorities were not notified of the alleged abuse until 2010. The children had moved out of state and were living with a different relative when they told that adult that Bain had molested them. Police in that state handled the initial investigation, and arranged for both children to be questioned about the alleged incidents of sexual abuse in Unalaska.

On Wednesday, the jury watched videotaped interviews with both children from 2010. One child was shown speaking to a detective, while the other talked to a specialist who handles forensic interviews with young children who may have experienced abuse. Both children talked about the alleged incidents in detail.

Bain was present in the courtroom and was visibly upset by the videotapes, rubbing his temples and shaking his head at some points. 

Assistant district attorney Florina Altshiler questioned a detective who worked on the case out of state and appeared in one of the taped interviews. Defense attorney Nikki Swayne will have the chance to cross-examine the detective, and has filed a subpoena on top of that to call him as a witness.

Judge Steve Cole told the jurors that the trial is expected to stretch into next week.

el em en oh pea on Wednesday, November 13 2013:

why is an accused pedophile treated with more leniency than an accused drug addict by the unalaska department of public safety and state of alaska court system?

community .... on Saturday, November 09 2013:

what wrong with it happen 06-08 and the mother complain in 2013 ??? what kind a mother is she ? if that happen to my kids I would call 911 the moment I know ,something very wrong with the picture !! to me not guilty at all seems like the mother has problem ?

Just Saying on Friday, November 08 2013:

You need to look beyond what you read. Anyone attending the trial knew who this monster...yes, monster abused. No secret there. The fact that they said something shows strength and courage....more than Bain will ever have in his life time.
Yes, everyone should be presummed innocent, I agree Community member and maybe be saying he is a monster pushes that envelope but, do you really thing this case would have gone this far if he was innocent? From what I have heard so far, make it real hard to think he is innocent. If he is found innocent then so be it and I hope all can move on and heal. If he is found guilty, then let him learn just how of a terrible act he committed is. Just Saying...

Erin on Friday, November 08 2013:

Melvin, I hear what you are saying and concur with the urge to want to protect these young women, any victim really, but I wonder if it's not time to shift how we view some of these situations.
These are two courageous children who spoke up. I am all for protecting victims identities but perhaps we continue to feed the guilt and shame they feel, have felt, by implying they should stay secret, that people knowing is a bad thing.

Community member on Thursday, November 07 2013:

I'm sorry Melvin but it wasn't just her that said it was his daughters it's out there and may be one of the many reasons they live down south! I don't think he's guilty bc most sex offenders tend to keep doing that and as what I've heard he's not! I feel innocent until proven guilty!

Melvin on Thursday, November 07 2013:

As horrible as this crime is, why did the Lauren Rosenthal have to mention that it was this creeps daughters? Now that his daughters have been permanently identified by Lauren as victims of this horrible crime, will they ever be able to come back to Dutch Harbor or any surrounding communities?

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