Coast Guard Airlifts 3 From F/V Alaska Juris

Friday, May 11 2012

Petty Officer 3rd Class David Call, a health service technician with Kodiak-based Rockmore King Clinic, assists an Alaska Juris crewman on an Air Station Kodiak HC-130 Hercules airplane in Cold Bay. Courtesy of Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally

Three crewmembers are reported as being in good condition after exposure to an ammonia leak aboard the F/V Alaska Juris. The crewmen were airlifted from the vessel by helicopter and medevaced to Anchorage on a Coast Guard C-130 aircraft Thursday night.

Details are still spotty about how the leak started. 

“I don’t know anything about the ammonia leak," says 
Petty Officer Grant Devuyst. "I’d say the company that owns the vessel would be the best route for getting that.”

Fishing Company of Alaska owns the 238-foot trawler. FCA has no comment on the incident. The Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment in Unalaska will be investigating.

Petty Officer Grant Devuyst says that at the moment the only thing that’s clear is that the crew was eventually able to reenter the vessel and get underway. The Alaska Juris is headed back to Unalaska for repairs.

There were 49 people aboard the vessel at the time of the accident. The Alaska Juris is a 238-foot factory trawler owned by Fishing Company of Alaska. Earlier this year a crewmember died aboard the vessel after being struck by a snapped cable.

This is an update to the story Coast Guard Responding to Ammonia Leak on F/V Alaska Juris 

douglas dunn on Friday, April 05 2013:

accidents happen. its dangerous out there. I was on that boat 2 times. The boat does need attention but the crew and officers take there job very serious.

butch. on Wednesday, August 01 2012:

sounds like an investigation of the ship and all documents includeing p.m.loggs and daily inspections should be done.maybe implement the use of hard hats and better ssafety procedures should sart being recognized

BOBBY JUZAPAVICUS JR on Wednesday, July 25 2012:


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