Crewman Medevaced from F/V Baranof

Wednesday, February 20 2013

The Coast Guard helicopter forward deployed to St. Paul completed its third medevac of the fishing 'A-season' on Tuesday. The MH-60 Jayhawk picked up a fisherman with circulatory complications from the 170-foot Baranof around 6pm.

In a press release, the Coast Guard noted that sea ice made it impossible for the Baranof to get into St. Paul’s harbor. The 39 year old crewmember was airlifted to St. Paul for further treatment.

The helicopter has been stationed on the island since mid-January.

david on Wednesday, August 21 2013:

Baranof has horrible working conditions. WOrking with freezing cold hands that are soaking wet while never being fed proper foods as the boat sways back and forth (1942 icebreaker) that creates unseaworthy hull where workers have to climb up20 feet of iced over steps of fish with cardboard or frozen wood as steps slippin and slidin everywhere

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