UPDATE: F/V Alaska Juris Crew Member Medevacked After Stabbing

Friday, November 15 2013

Updated, 3 p.m. Monday: A fight on the F/V Alaska Juris landed one crew member in the hospital with knife wounds, and another three behind bars.

According to preliminary police reports, 47-year-old Wayland Smith and his coworker had a disagreement aboard the Alaska Juris on Thursday night. The 238-foot catcher-processer was anchored in Captains Bay to offload seafood to a tramper.

Public safety director Jamie Sunderland says the two men took their fight up to the ship’s deck. It escalated from there.

"Smith is alleged to have stabbed a fellow in the arm, abdomen, and buttocks," Sunderland says.

Police were called to the Alaska Juris around 9:30 p.m. They responded using the ports department’s Tidebreaker boat.

While officers were trying to arrest Smith, several other crew members rushed at the man -- allegedly with the intent to injure him. Taylor Toelupe, 37, and 23-year-old Meafou Touala were subsequently arrested and charged with rioting, assault, and resisting arrest.

Smith was taken into custody. He's facing charges of first degree assault and tampering with evidence, for allegedly tossing the knife overboard. Smith made a first appearance in court on those charges Friday afternoon. He had a black eye, and one of his wrists was bandaged.

Smith's bail was set at $100,000 cash bond. Sunderland says that reflects the severity of the charges.

"We're talking about a danger to others," Sunderland says. "We don't see $100,000 bail here that often."

The stabbing victim was medevacked off the island for medical care. Anchorage police have visited the man in the hospital to question him regarding the fight.

Nothing new on Thursday, November 28 2013:

Just another day aboard an FCA boat.

Really People on Saturday, November 23 2013:

Really people! I can't believe some of the coments here. Does anyone even know what went on? I am a small boat owner in Unalaska and yes many times these guys don't make any money and work there bums off! Yes they work long hours and off load it not fun especially after you have gotten no sleep. It is a job of gamble for ALL both owners and the crew. Sometimes We dig into our own pockets to give these guys a paycheck, and shipyard is required to keep your insurance curant on a vessel, so if the boat did not make enough money to cover a full shipyard inspection and repairs guess where the money comes from..... Your own pocket. Remember fishing is a gamble on all involved with a Fishing Boat.

It starts with on Tuesday, November 19 2013:

it starts with the good ol'boys cod boat companies that get away with anything. That's what's underlying the anger in the employees. I worked for f/v Alaskan Lady for 40 days. They charged me $37.50 a day for food for 40 days. I walked away with a $300 check + a bonus of $600 = $900 for 40 days of 16 hours. Last month I worked on the f/v blue Ballard. Sue at blue north fisheries says I owe her $1700. they gave me only $200 draw off the boat. I haven't received a draw request and doubt I'll get paid much at all. That's after over 60 trips on cod boats. The only good company I ran across was baranofcourageous.com. I was with them for over 8 years and shoulda stayed there. I'm done cod fishing now. the employers are crooked. no money to be made. Done working 16 hour hard labor for a month or 2 for free.Last year the f/v prowler did it to me too, a check for $345 on the second trip. no money. I'm out. Otherwise I just get mad at how they ripped me off. That was probably the underlying anger in those guys as well.

.....?...... on Sunday, November 17 2013:

it is wat it is.....

Carl Tilders on Sunday, November 17 2013:

My thoughts are with the victim and his family and hope that he makes a full recovery. Mr. Smith will have a long time to contemplate his actions while behind bars.

Just Saying on Saturday, November 16 2013:

There needs to be tougher guidelines in the hiring process of crew members, the fishing companies should be conducting deeper and background checks, and held partially responsible both financially and morally in any misconduct and ensued aboard and while in port when criminal incidents occur. This should not be allowed to continue with out shared responsibility. The safety and welfare of crew members, and innocent bystanders should be first and foremost, and if the big deep pockets of these fishing companies are not held responsible, this type of behavior, hiring processes, and safety will continue and the innocent will continue to be counted as a causality.
Just Saying

glenn w jewell on Friday, November 15 2013:

its not drugs its working under the gustapo conditions and being together all the time....just like working for unicheep

John on Friday, November 15 2013:

Some of these companys will spend millions of dollars a year in shipyard operations yet they cant get good deckhands because they wont pay them enough. So, the end result is this when you hire a poorly paid, inexperienced crew

not surprised. on Friday, November 15 2013:

FCA needs to revamp their entire operation. There is way to many drugs, assaults and accidents aboard their ships. Im not sure how they are allowed to operate so poorly. Embarrasing.

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