F/V Arctic Hunter Runs Aground Near Unalaska

Friday, November 01 2013

A fishing vessel ran aground outside Unalaska early this morning. The Arctic Hunter, a 93-foot crab boat, was leaving town to start a fishing trip when it wrecked around 3:45 a.m.

Dan Magone, of Magone-Resolve Marine Services, says his company’s been contacted to provide salvage assistance. Magone says there are 12,000 gallons of fuel and hydraulic oil aboard the vessel. It's not clear if any of that has spilled.

The Arctic Hunter is currently off the rocks, a mile past Morris Cove, but it's still near rocky cliffs. Magone is hoping his crew can board the vessel before the weather worsens and begin pumping fuel off of it. A storm is forecast to reach Unalaska this afternoon, with winds gusting to 50 miles per hour.

Unalaska’s public safety officers say they have administered a field sobriety test to the vessel’s skipper, which he passed. The cause of the wreck is not yet known.

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Casi on Monday, November 04 2013:

This is no joke or for publicity. My uncle was on the attic she. This happened it is very true and could have been a very devastating accident. Thank you Jesus they were rescued!

Get your facts straight "Town" on Saturday, November 02 2013:

I can tell you first hand that it was not a publicity stunt, I am not a crew member of the saga but I was aboard at the time. There was no publicity stunt involved in this whatsoever! When I informed Elliott of the situation he jumped to get the engines running and crew members awake and ready to go immediately without any hesitation! The event couldn't have been more real. So for those of you who think or believe this is part of a publicity stunt need to take a step back and find the facts of the event before you jump to conclusions JUST because he is part of T.V. Be thankful for all the strong efforts put forth from the crew and friends aboard the SAGA that night to hear to radio and take action. It was def the first of its kind in my life and couldn't have been more real. Im so glad you are all safe F/V Artic Hunter!

Melvin on Saturday, November 02 2013:

Everyone in this town thinks it was just a Discovery Channel publicity stunt.

Jodi Ziolkowski on Friday, November 01 2013:

Why was it not mentioned that all 6 crew members were saved by the quick response of Captain Elliott Neese and the entire crew of the F/V Saga? All 6 returned to Dutch safely because he was able to pull the on board his boat..

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