F/V Western Venture Crew Rescued After Fire At Sea

Sunday, October 20 2013

Five crewmen from a burning fishing vessel in the western Aleutian Chain are safe after being rescued by a nearby good Samaritan.

The crew of the 59-foot Kodiak-based longliner Western Venture were safely picked up by the Aleutian Beauty, after their vessel caught fire Sunday morning. The Coast Guard in Juneau reported receiving emergency locator beacon signals around 9 a.m. -- first from a crewman's survival suit, and then from the Western Venture itself. 

Two Jayhawk rescue helicopters -- one from Cold Bay and another from Kodiak -- were launched, as well as a pair of C130 Hercules aircraft. The cutter Waessche, on patrol in the Bering Sea, was also diverted toward the location of the Western Venture, about 70 miles west of Adak.

The 98-foot Seattle-based longliner Aleutian Beauty had responded to the Coast Guard's radio call for assistance, and reached the Western Venture first, taking all five crewmen aboard safely. The men will be transferred to Adak.

Meanwhile, the Western Venture is reportedly still afloat and adrift, emitting smoke from the fire onboard. It has a 4,300-gallon fuel capacity. The Coast Guard is broadcasting a warning to vessels transiting the area alerting them of the hazard to navigation.

An investigation will determine if the Western Venture can be salvaged and what caused the fire. 

George on Tuesday, April 22 2014:

god my ass, those boys got lucky! Were the seas any rougher, had that storm that was a couple of days out hit them, I don't think you'd be talkin' about god this, and that. Pure circumstance is what saved their asses, nothing more. I would like to know if they got those nets aboard? if not, then there is a mile of netting to wrap up in another FV's prop, and then there are the wasted animals..

Miss T Gal on Tuesday, October 22 2013:

Cheers to my Aleutian Beauty boys!

Barbara Fortune on Tuesday, October 22 2013:

God Bless all of You!!! I felt so bad for awile I wouldn't eat King Crab because I was afraid I was contributing to your peril. Then I figured "hey, if you're going out there in all that, I'll support you." Thank God ya'll got off on time. Hope the boat can be fixed. Be Blessed Still!

Jim Pickett on Sunday, October 20 2013:

Thank God My son was one of the crew on Board this vessel all are fine and heading for Adak Thank God!!!!!!

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