Grant Aviation Flight Crashes at Unalaska Airport

Saturday, February 16 2013

A Grant Aviation flight crashed while landing at the Unalaska airport Saturday afternoon, after the apparent collapse of the plane’s landing gear. The pilot and two passengers walked away unharmed.

Unalaska Fire Chief Abner Hoage says there was a small fuel leak in the left wing. Fire crews stopped leak and contained the spilled fuel with absorbent boom.

The plane is a Piper PA-31 Navajo. Neither Grant Aviation nor the Department of Transportation could be reached for information about where the flight originated, or how the crash will affect flight traffic at the airport. The only scheduled Grant Aviation flights for Saturday originated in Akun.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigates all commercial airplane crashes.

Update 02/17: The flight was landing from Akun.

Columbo on Wednesday, February 20 2013:

"Sensationalistic" that's a good word!

Still I would like to know what kind of malfunction. I hope there is a follow up story on this.

Me being Columbo... my first thoughts are maybe an icing issue. That freezing, cold, and windy conditions even cause icing problems on our land vehicles!

Sensationalistic on Tuesday, February 19 2013:

Crash: Verb. to collide violently with another object....

Doesn't sound like it hit anything - just had a landing gear malfunction....kinda like a flat tire

Columbo on Sunday, February 17 2013:

Aviation is very safe. Thankfully nobody was hurt in this crash.

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