Greenpeace Arrives in Unalaska

Tuesday, July 03 2012

(Alexandra Gutierrez/KUCB)

The Greenpeace vessel Esperanza has arrived in Unalaska.

The rainbow-covered ship checked in with port security around 8:30am, and has spent the day sitting off of Front Beach. The crew plans to stay in Unalaska for the next few days before leaving for the Chukchi Sea. There, The Esperanza will be conducting research on Shell’s lease site and monitoring any drilling activity that occurs. The voyage is part of Greenpeace’s campaign against the oil company’s Arctic program.

The Coast Guard has no reports of Greenpeace demonstrations at this time.

The last time the Esperanza was in Unalaska was in 2007, as part of its trip to Amchitka to commemorate the group’s founding voyage. According to Greenpeace International, the vessel was refused fuel during its stop, in part because of their anti-trawling stance. Representatives from Delta Western, North Pacific Fuel, and Offshore Systems Inc. say the Esperanza has not yet requested any support services during this stay.

Jeff on Thursday, July 05 2012:

A true story of how Shell Oil deals with protesters and defenders of the environment and sovereign lands in other parts of the world--just hire the local military, such as the Coast Guard to murder the protesters and then cover it up, like they did in Nigeria. Shell paid their way out of accusations of colluding with the local government in the murders for a mere $15.5 million dollars. They murdered nine protesters and got away with it for the cost of just a few milliseconds worth of oil-industry profits. Since we are talking about these protesters and those who would stand in the way of the oil-industry in the Arctic, such as indigenous people, let's hear the story of what happened in Nigeria, KUCB. I am sure at some point in the near future you will have a Shell spokesperson on our local radio for an interview.

Alexandra Gutierrez on Wednesday, July 04 2012:

To clarify, the call was made to the Ports department -- harbor master, officers, etc. -- because it is a large foreign flag vessel. As previously reported, the Coast Guard had planned on having extra security in the event of protests but then scaled back their operations. Multiple sources brought up a boycott in 2007, but there currently isn't one in place as the vessel has not contacted any of the local suppliers for fuel. Hope this is helpful.

Shirley on Wednesday, July 04 2012:

I hope this town doesn't develop a "hide your head in the sand" syndrome when it comes to realizing and understanding that organizations like Greenpeace are necessary to help maintain some type of order and sanity when it comes to oil development and big company greed. Give them the fuel & supplies they need and stop acting like a bunch of babies!
The only treat to national security here is the encroachment of liberties they and other may be subjected to.

Mythbuster on Wednesday, July 04 2012:

Who is "Port Security" exactly, and why did this vessel as opposed to others need to "check in" with them for some reason?

Is Unalaska Bay under a lockdown? Are our tax dollars being used to pay for US Coast Guard rent-a-thugs to provide security to the oil industry? Can they not pay for that themselves with all of those record profits?

The suggestion that there is some kind of port security to be checked in with is false. This is a free country, and these are free waters. I know there is some kind of gov't imposed tiny buffer zone around those oil industry pussies who can't take care of themselves. Approach me in my skiff for no reason in MY home bay and you may get a slapped with a salmon. The USCG should be ashamed of themselves.

It is a myth that Greenpeace was ever denied purchasing fuel due to some kind of fishing industry threatened boycott of local fuel docks. The fuel industry knows (remember diesel comes from BIG OIL) that whether you are a fishkiller or a fishhugger you have to buy it somewhere.

Stella on Tuesday, July 03 2012:

i have an anti trawling stance and they still sell fuel to me...

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