Jury Deliberates in Child Sexual Abuse Trial

Friday, November 15 2013

The trial for a local fisherman accused of sexually abusing his two daughters wrapped up today in Unalaska.

For two weeks, jurors heard the case of 39-year-old Michel Bain. Bain faces eight felonies ranging from incest to sexual penetration of a child under 13. The state alleges that Bain molested his two young daughters while they lived with him in Unalaska, from 2006 to 2008. Bain was arrested and the state of Alaska filed charges against him in 2011.

Many of the primary people involved involved in the case were called to the stand during the course of the trial. Bain testified, as did the two children and their mother. Several of Bain’s friends and co-workers from the fishing boat he worked on at the time of the alleged crimes also gave testimony.

The jury was presented with a wide array of physical evidence. During the trial, the jurors visited the Kashega Drive home that Bain and the children lived in, which is where some of the alleged abuse is said to have occurred. Attorneys also provided photographs of the boat that Bain worked on -- another site where abuse allegedly occurred.

Before deliberations could begin, the court had trim the jury to 12 people from 14. 

"It is rare to make it through a two-week trial and not lose two or three jurors," Judge Steve Cole said. "There is a good reason we picked 14 jurors." 

The court selected two alternates, who were immediately excused from the service. The rest of the jury started to deliberate at 3:40 p.m. on Friday. They may continue discussing the case until 9 p.m. The jury has the option to reconvene later this weekend or wait until Monday morning.

Assistant district attorney Florina Altshiler, who argued the case on behalf of the state, and defense attorney Nikki Swayne said they intend to stay in Unalaska until the jury returns with a verdict.

Free Speech on Tuesday, November 19 2013:

When will KUCB update the news? If he found NOT Guilty then the guy deserve to have a headline. Fair is fair!

Deliberation on Tuesday, November 19 2013:

The verdict was NOT GUILTY!!!!!

wow on Monday, November 18 2013:

Bad parenting does not equate to child molestation.

This trial was such a joke that the assiatna DA and the judge flew out before the jury returned with the verdict. Anyone abused in the manner said to have occurred would fear their predator not try to sit next to him in court or ask the judge to go to lunch with him.

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