Kulluk Arrives in Unalaska

Tuesday, March 05 2013

Several dozen people gathered on the beach in Unalaska Tuesday afternoon to watch as Shell’s damaged drill rig was towed into port.

Four local tugs actually maneuvered the 277-foot Kulluk into Captain’s Bay, while the ocean-going tugs that towed it from Kodiak stood by. The rig will tie up at its specialized dock in the bay until the ‘heavy-lift’ vessel Xiang Rui Kou arrives to take it to dry dock in Asia.

Shell spokesperson Curtis Smith couldn’t say when the heavy-lift vessel is scheduled to arrive. According to its automated tracking system, the Xiang Rui Kou left China on Sunday. Once it gets to Unalaska, the vessel will fill its ballast tanks, sink below the Kulluk and then lift the drill rig onto its deck.

Smith says Shell hasn’t yet selected a shipyard for repairs to the damaged rig.

Only in America on Thursday, March 07 2013:

"several dozen people watched" Boy we americans have a good work ethic, " Hey Joe, the shell rig that was here last summer is coming back, lets take off work and watch it come into the bay and drop anchor - wow Joe it looks just like it did 6 months ago - wow glad I took off work for this."

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