Murkowski Hires New Fisheries Aide

Monday, December 17 2012

Senator Lisa Murkowski has hired a new fisheries and Arctic policy advisor. Jay Sterne is a former federal lobbyist, and he comes to Murkowski’s office from Windward Strategies, a consulting group. In a press release, Sterne is described as “a twenty year veteran of fisheries and Arctic policy discussions.” He’s lobbied for several Alaska fisheries clients, including Alaskan Leader Fisheries, Prowler Fisheries and Clipper Seafoods. According to Murkowski’s press office, Sterne has recently been working on Steller sea lion-related fisheries closures in the western Aleutian Islands on behalf of the fishing industry.

Sterne is Murkowski's third fisheries aide in as many years. He replaces Stefanie Moreland, who left the position in August to work for Governor Sean Parnell. Arne Fuglvog was Murkowski's aide before her, but he resigned in 2011 after pleading guilty to illegal fishing. The fisheries blog Deckboss reports that Sterne was one of the people who wrote a letter in support of Fuglvog during his sentencing this February. The letter says the two were both friends and colleagues. 

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