Obama Wins Unalaska by a Landslide

Wednesday, November 07 2012

Unalaska had record-shattering turnout for yesterday’s general election.

“The best that we can come up with is the highest turnout was 712, years ago," says City Clerk Elizabeth Masoni. "And we had 808 that actually came to the polls and then we had 87 absentees on top of that.”

That’s a total of 895 voters, or roughly half of all voters registered in the district. Masoni says there were long lines at the polls right up until the election was called.

“We remarked to ourselves that about 7:15, it just slacked off. We didn’t have a line at all, we had open booths. And that was the first time that had happened all day.”

President Barack Obama won Unalaska by a landslide. Sixty percent of counted ballots were cast for Obama, with 36 percent going to Mitt Romney. That’s almost exactly the inverse of the statewide totals, which Masoni says isn’t particularly surprising.

“We tend to be a little bit on the outlying side out here in Unalaska.”

Unalaska's state election results weren’t particularly surprising either. Both state senator Lyman Hoffman and state representative Bob Herron were running unopposed. They respectively received 80 and 77 percent of tallied votes.

Unalaska voters followed the state trend when it came to ballot measures. The bond package passed with overwhelming support. The constitutional convention was rejected by a slightly smaller margin.

It could be awhile before the final tallies are in. Election officials will start counting absentee and questioned ballots today, but Masoni says if other precincts had as many as Unalaska, it could take weeks to get final numbers.

Georgia Villaflor on Wednesday, November 07 2012:

You stunned me for a minute. I missed the comma and thought you wrote that the highest turnout was 712 years ago. (That would be something. Were they keeping track back then?)

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