Ounalashka Corporation Looks to Resurrect Bowling Alley

Thursday, August 01 2013

The Fish-N-Bowl (Stephanie Joyce)

The Ounalashka Corporation is getting the ball rolling on reopening its bowling alley. OC put out a request for proposals this week, asking for individuals or businesses that might want to run the Fish-N-Bowl.

OC Operations manager Dave Gregory says it’s been closed for too long.

“It was open back in the late 80s and it was a pretty thriving little place for five or six years, and then something happened and the owner/operator just went out of business and left all the bowling equipment there.”

Aside from the occasional fundraiser, it hasn’t seen much use since then. Gregory says while there have been inquiries, no one has been willing to commit.

“One of the big challenges previously was there’s 7600 square feet of floor space in there, and at our current rates, that’s almost $8000 in a monthly lease rate. And a struggling small business trying to start up just couldn't do that. So in this new RFP, we’re not going to have a fixed lease amount.”

Instead, OC is asking for a share of the profits, in addition to utilities and property taxes. The new tenant would also be responsible for covering insurance, and making any necessary repairs. But Gregory says as far as a business plan, OC is open to creative solutions-- so long as they involve bowling.

“We’ve had some inquiries about people coming in and getting the liquor license, and just running the lounge, and that’s not what we want. We want to make sure that that bowling center is open, for folks to use.”

The timeframe for submitting proposals is now through August 20.

Encrypto de la Reason on Thursday, February 20 2014:

It's naive to think it an easy chore to open and operate any public venue involving food, and throw some lanes and equipment in with the food service makes things harder. Why should anyone be forced to open a new business probably totally outside their focus just because it's original owners split and left the equipment behind. They split for reasons unknown, but of it was easy to make a profit there somebody would step up. As far as the imminent domain comment - please somebody tell me you don't vote and aren't allowed to make important decisions.

Boiwling Mad on Sunday, August 04 2013:

Funny how OC Operations never thought of running the bowling alley themselves - does require work, easier to sit back and just count money. City Council should vote to take over the bowling alley - for the good of the public - its called eminent domain. Also the property out by Makushin or Summers bay that has geothermal possibilities should be acquired through eminent domain. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the government to provide just compensation to the owner of the private property to be taken

Jessica Tovale on Friday, August 02 2013:

Who would I get ahold of about this? I would help run or work there just so it can open for the rest of the island and kids to enjoy!

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