Parallel Groundfish Fisheries Announced for State Waters

Tuesday, December 31 2013

On the eve of 'A' season’s start tomorrow, the state department of fish and game has announced parallel groundfish fisheries for 2014.

The annual emergency order means boats can partake in federal fisheries in state waters.

In the Bering Sea-Aleutian Islands district, there will be parallel Pacific cod and sablefish fisheries for jig gear vessels, as well as a parallel Pacific cod fishery for hook-and-line and pot gear vessels.

Parallel fisheries are also opening in the Kodiak, Chignik and South Alaska Peninsula areas. The Chukchi-Beaufort area will remain closed for groundfish fishing next year.

Area management biologist Heather Fitch says the parallel fisheries order comes every year. It’s an effort to let smaller boats fish closer to shore and follow the fish when they go inside state waters.

The parallel fisheries have the same regulations and start dates as the federal fisheries.

‘A’ season for Pacific cod hook-and-line and pot gear vessels begins tomorrow, Jan. 1. Trawl season begins Jan. 20.

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