Police Make 16th Arrest in Drug Investigation

Tuesday, October 29 2013

Unalaska police have seized meth, heroin, and bath salts as evidence in the past month. / Courtesy UDPS

UPDATE: Unalaska police have arrested another person in connection with alleged drug sales, and levied more charges against suspects who are already in custody.

Tanya Kukahiko-Schaaf, 41, has been charged with a class C felony for allegedly letting her home or car be used to distribute a controlled substance. Kukahiko-Schaaf was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning.

She is the 16th person that Unalaska police have arrested in the past month as part of their investigation into heroin and meth sales.

More arrests could be coming as officers obtain and execute more search warrants. Holman says the department is currently working on getting permission to legally access data stored on cell phones, computers, and GPS devices that they've already seized as evidence.

Police used some of that evidence Tuesday to file additional charges against Stephen A. Rosa, 50, and his son, 24-year-old Tyson Rosa. The men were arrested last week, along with seven others, and immediately charged with multiple felonies each for allegedly participating in a meth ring. 

Tyson Rosa is facing a new class B felony for allegedly possessing meth with the intent to distribute or sell it, and a new class C felony for alleged heroin possession. He now faces a total of four felony charges.

Stephen A. Rosa has been charged with two more class B felonies for allegedly possessing firearms in a residence and in a vehicle where he had stored drugs.

In all, Stephen A. Rosa is facing 16 felony charges. Police allege that Rosa was at the head of a continuing criminal enterprise involving the sale of meth, and that he supplied the meth that was sold to confidential informants on multiple occasions this fall.

Police have used three confidential informants in the course of their investigation. One of them recently testified at an indictment hearing for Eric J. Roach, 45, who is being charged with two felonies for allegedly selling meth to David Milton on two occasions in July.

According to court documents, Milton called in to speak to the grand jury in Anchorage about the case. The grand jury handed down an indictment. 

Unalaska's deputy police chief, Michael Holman, says Milton was a civilian informant. That term is reserved for a person who approaches police and offers to volunteer on an investigation.

Milton has since applied for a job as a police officer at Unalaska's Department of Public Safety, Holman adds.

For the time being, the department is not releasing the identities of the other confidential informants.

talkin about money on Wednesday, December 11 2013:

"Money is the root of all evil".

Just Saying on Monday, November 04 2013:

Listen, I have read all the commentson this recent drug bust. Some made sense and some just went on a ramble but, all had just about the same message,that we are thankful Stephen Rosa and his drug gang have been caught and at least for now drugs are off the street.
Many people have paid the price in the wake of this...the kids especially. It is a sorry sight to include or enlist your sons to help sell drugs...well it wont make him father of the year, maybe with all in jail for a while, they will have a real chance to see what life will now be like. For Kukahiko's kids, we can only hope they can recover and choose a better path than what their mother did.
As far as fruad...there is some good points made.With a drug dealer leading the pack..and with all he enlisted to help deal for him, with all the history of the problems at the apartments...one can speculate. One way to find out is to have HUD conduct an audit....to ease the thoughts and minds of the community. Money and greed are two things hard to let go of once you have had a taste of it. It is a dangerous motivator.
Lastly for all those sad about the dealers being caught...why? Just saying

justgotback on Sunday, November 03 2013:

UPD must have got sammy the bull to go undercover this time. This time they hit the dope game pretty deep. Almost movie material for little old Dutch. Small town with big city busts.

Fraud on Friday, November 01 2013:

Not to downplay it, but Fraud is not the same as dealing the type of narcotics that ruin lives, families and kill youths. Let's not mask the current situation Unalaska is in with slight of hand.

Innocent resident on Thursday, October 31 2013:

I grew up around a time when selling heroin was the drug of choice, I watched countless friends and family killed over drugs or overdose on drugs. Most of us have a choice, when you chose to sell drugs take into consideration the horrors waiting for you down that road you are heading on, you better be willing to face the consequences of your actions. I knew a drug dealer who many years ago sold drugs to two high school boys and both died. He said: that is the way of the game. And it is that is a fact. It's those innocents that surround those doing these things that suffer the most.

My sympathies for the children on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

It broke my heart to hear of the children of one of the accused saying goodbye to their classmates at school. Praying for them to be placed with a family who will care for them properly and give them the love they deserve.

Loving this island! on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

I'm happy that a lot of people are gone to jail for these drug crimes but am a little sad for the young children some of these guys and women are leaving behind! I people aren't trying to get facts from what someone says on Facebook bc obviously you have nothing better to do but have more drama go on! I do have to say nobody is perfect and we all have skeletons in our closets so just think of that before you speak on others

Stick to the story..Don't speculate! on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

Facebooking Surprise - So, you're getting all your "facts" on facebook? Are you also, suggesting just because the tenants live there for longer time, that they have something to do with "fraud" and "violations" or they are participating with Stephen Rosa's drug dealing? I didn't know, Bank statements and payroll stubs can be alternate as well? Isn't that how HUD housing base tenants their monthly rent through their income? You probably don't have any clue on what's going on, sounds like you like to gossip a lOT! No offense but stay away from facebook, It's not healthy for your mind!

Facebooking Surprise!! on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

I wonder...if and maybe the right statement is "when" HUB investigates the people living at Tradewind, just how surprised they will be? There might be more than meets the eye as they say..More cover up..Is that possible?...maybe...Lets see how the other players are..You know who you are...Run before you are halled in for fraud!!! Here is another question...does this make those fraudulant people worse than the drug dealing manager? If you add up the years...maybe? We will have to keep an eye on this...As Dutch Harbor turns....

Good Point! on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

Facebooking Surprise has a very good point about the Tradewinds. I have known several people who have lost their apartments there due to minimal income increases (sometimes temporary) yet others live there for years, who be all appearances seem to be living a life of excess. Are they committing fraud? Perhaps, but no one will know unless their presence is questioned. Rosa was a drug deal, a dishonest person by nature. Why wouldn't he bend the rules for someone to keep those around him under his control. Some of them may actually be part of his "drug ring" but had the sense not to deal to undercover cops. Cab drivers have a reputation of drug dealing and prostitution, perhaps the ones that lived by Rosa should be investigated.

living in the USA on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

yes it is great to get these drug dealers off the street, but it is not great this endless "war on drugs"
"The term was first used by United States president Richard Nixon, and was later popularized by the media."

"All that imprisoning millions of people for nonviolent drug offenses has done is bankrupt us financially and morally, turning people with debilitating addictions into people with debilitating convictions."

"The United States imprisons more people than any other nation in the world, largely due to misguided drug laws and mandatory sentencing requirements."


Facebooking Surprise!! on Wednesday, October 30 2013:

Someone on face book memntioned how great it was to finally have these so called drug dealers off the street. I think there are many that echo that. What was alo mentioned is that Mr. Rosa, the landlord of Tradewinds Apartments is no longer the manager and suggests HUD send someone in to look and audit the books. I wonder..since Mr. Rosa found it easy to break the law and be a drug dealer...what would stop him from committing possible fraud as well? HUD housing is frederally funded..Section 8 and HUD have strick guidelines for housing. Are you suggesting auditors go in and audit the books because they will find long time tenants in violation and commit possible fraud along with Mr. Rosa? ...mmmm I think the face booker is saying there is a real possibility this is going on? If there is..fraud is a nasty nasty thing and you could go away for a long long time...Maybe as long as Mr. Rosa....Who are these people? Will you stand up and show yourself?....Might be more for the police to look i to...Busted....

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