Raiders Trump Sand Point At Home and Away

Monday, February 11 2013

The Unalaska Raiders basketball teams played against Sand Point this weekend, with the girls at home and the boys away. Coach Kevin Ley says playing against the less experienced Sand Point teams was a good opportunity for the junior varsity teams and some of the younger varsity players to shine.

“We were just trying to make good games, and get some of our younger kids as much experience as possible.”

The Unalaska girls beat Sand Point in all three of their matches while the boys dropped their first game, then picked up the other two. Ley says it was fun for the Lady Raiders to be the dominant team.

“They saw ‘oh, what we do in practice does translate to a game’ and they really enjoyed that.”

This weekend, both teams head to Bristol Bay for the Southwest Conference Round Robin. They’ll be playing against Bristol Bay, Dillingham and Togiak. Ley says he expects it will be a competitive weekend for both teams, especially the boys.

"I think all the teams, with the exception of Togiak, have beat each other, so that'll be a really important tournament. And then on the girls' side, it's really important that we do well against Bristol Bay. We played Dillingham earlier this year, and we know where we sit with them, but we need to figure out where we sit with Bristol Bay."

You can find a schedule of the games here.

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