Salvage Efforts On Hold for F/V Arctic Hunter

Wednesday, November 06 2013

Credit: Coast Guard

Bad weather is keeping salvagers away from the fishing vessel Arctic Hunter, nearly a week after it ran aground.

The boat survived yet another storm Tuesday night, and is still in one piece on the rocks outside Morris Cove.

Salvagers returned to the scene today to try to access submerged fuel tanks. But Dan Magone of Resolve-Magone Marine Services says choppy seas made diving impossible. He says he doesn’t think they’ll be able to do any more salvage work this week.

Magone did say his crews have separated at least 5,000 gallons of fuel out of the fuel-water mix they’ve pumped out of the vessel in the past week. He also says they've recovered as much hydraulic and lube oil as they'll be able to access.

There are still no reports of an oil sheen, but Magone says debris from the boat is starting to wash up on the beach. He says the Arctic Hunter is deteriorating in the high winds rolling through Unalaska this week.

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