Schasteen Steps Down From City Council

Friday, February 22 2013

City councilor Zac Schasteen will be stepping down from his post next week in order to take a job with the city.

Schasteen accepted the position of senior fire captain with the Department of Public Safety earlier this week, and will start in mid-March. Because city employees are banned from holding office, he'll officially resign his council seat at the February 26 meeting.

Schasteen says it was a tough trade-off, but that he feels he’s accomplished a lot during his three and a half years on council.

“We’ve tackled some major issues. We were able to repave the roads, we’re getting that squared away. We’re working on Ballyhoo Road, we’re working on the water, wastewater treatment plants, we put in a new Carl E. Moses harbor, we got the powerhouse running. We’ve done some pretty amazing things.”

Prior to joining city council, Schasteen was a police officer, and he says this is a return to his emergency service roots.

“Having been a volunteer since 1996, a firefighter and an EMT, my life is in public safety, and [being a fire captain] is just part of my career goals."

City code requires the council to fill Schasteen’s seat within 30 days of his official resignation. The appointee will have to run for reelection in October in order to keep the seat through the end of Schasteen’s term, in 2015.

Just Saying on Monday, February 25 2013:

No there is no such thing as an honest politician, none that I have seen over my 60 something years. I have seen many council members come and go, and I am sad to see one go that had some kind of backbone. I am also sad that we, as a community allow people to run this community and its resources into the ground for the betterment of their own, rather than the community. I have said many a time, replace who we have, bring in new spirited vision, that will help develop, protect, and provide for our community. There is too much BAD history, to much BAD politics, and to much lies coming from those in the City management, and the council members no longer see that. They too look to line their pockets and forget where they came from.
Just saying

Question... on Monday, February 25 2013:

Is there such a thing as an honest politician - municipal,state or federal? The truthful facts are not always pretty but at least people (politicians or otherwise) have a chance to make better decisions if they are given ALL of the pertinent facts concerning what they are voting for or against. My two cents worth.. from the insider.

Just Saying on Sunday, February 24 2013:

It's great that one is afforded the chance to fulfill their dreams and goals. Here's wishing Zac only the best.
The real concern comes with whom will fill the seat Zac is vacating. I am sure if the powers that be have anything to do with it, they will look for a bobble-head person that will rubber stamp everything without regard of what is right and what is Bullshit. The community is now at greater risk as we move forward. With the current members of council members, I don't think there is anyone with a big enough back-bone to stand up to city management and the crooked behind the door deals. Good luck community members....
Just saying

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