Newscast: 07/25/16

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Unalaska's herring fishery is on hold because no one can find the fish; a family of Swiss sailors cruises the Aleutian chain; and a closer look at the fish counting towers that decide when fisheries open and close. 

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After weeks at sea, Dario Schwörer and his family were grateful to have landed in Unalaska again. “We were so happy when we saw the Aleutians coming out of the fog,” he said. Dario sails with his wife, Sabine, their five children, ranging in age from 11 years to seven months, and two volunteers.

Public Domain, US Government work, via Wikimedia Commons.

The commercial herring fishery is on hold in Unalaska — because no one can find the fish.

The herring season opened more than a week ago. So far, fishermen haven't had any luck, even with a spotter pilot searching from above.

"There's been no appreciable harvest at all," said Frank Kelty on the Unalaska Fisheries Report. "The fish appear to be well offshore and in very deep water where the seiners can't get to them."

Frank provides an update on the delayed herring fishery, the new quota for brown king crab, and more.  

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Starting Thursday, Unalaskans can declare their candidacy for mayor, city council, or school board.