Update: Injuries Prove Fatal After Fight

Friday, May 23 2014

Updated, 11 a.m. Tuesday: A man who was severely injured after a fight outside the Harbor View Bar last week has died.

Marlo Adams, 44, passed away early Friday evening, according to deputy police chief Mike Holman. Adams had been medevacked to Anchorage on Thursday afternoon with serious head injuries.

An autopsy is planned, Holman says.

In the meantime, Holman says the State of Alaska will file manslaughter charges against Anthony Pouesi, 28. According to court documents, Pouesi is accused of punching Adams once during a brief argument.

He already faces one felony assault charge and a misdemeanor in connection with the incident.

Thursday afternoon: One man is behind bars and another has been hospitalized after a fight outside the Harbor View Bar.

Anthony Pouesi, 28, of Shelton, Washington, and Marlo Adams, 44, of Yakima, Washington, were arguing just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

A third man was present and provided a statement to police, which appears in court documents. The witness said that he tried to separate Pouesi and Adams, but Pouesi threw a single punch. Adams fell backward and hit his head on the ground. The witness said he tried to stop Adams' bleeding with his sweater, and "pulled Adams' tongue from his throat." 

Adams was taken to the Iliuliuk Family and Health Services clinic to be treated for severe head injuries. Clinic staff requested a commercial medevac flight to Anchorage.

Public safety director Jamie Sunderland says there was a delay getting Adams off the island. He didn’t arrive at Providence Alaska Medical Center until Thursday afternoon. On Friday morning, a hospital representative said that Adams was in critical condition.

Adams was working for UniSea in Unalaska. Sunderland says the man's family has been notified of the incident. If Adams does not survive his injuries, Sunderland says police may pursue more serious charges against the alleged assailant.

For now, Anthony Pouesi is being charged with one count of felony assault and one misdemeanor, for allegedly misidentifying himself to police. 

Pouesi was arrested early Thursday morning aboard the F/V Norcoaster at the Bering Fisheries dock. He allegedly told police his name was "Mike Lewis" at first. Pouesi identified himself, though, and told police that he did punch Adams once in the face. According to court documents, Pouesi called it "an impulse act."  

Pouesi was arraigned in Unalaska court on Thursday afternoon. Judge Patricia Douglass approved Pouesi's request for a public defender and set bail at $20,000. 

Ada McDaniel on Wednesday, May 28 2014:

I feel sooo sad right now, this family is really suffering more than anyone can have words for. The children all loved thier uncle Marlo and he was one person that I know they were safe with. He would talk about the bible and smile all of the time. I am gonna sure miss his smile and seeing all of him and his sisters having a good time when they were together. My thougts and prayers are with the family and I will do whatever I can to help bring closure in this time of great need.

May the creator watch over and bless each and every one of the siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles that are suffering this loss during this time.

Ms. Ada

Mark Flake on Tuesday, May 27 2014:

Bring Bob Bennett back to patrol the Harbor View Bar for intoxicated patrons. He was the best UniSea Safety/Security Officer of all time! Just ask Sgt Matt Betzen and John Nichols!

Rob Long on Tuesday, May 27 2014:

God Bless Marlo and family. He was and is one of the most charismatic men that I have ever met. His smile and love for God and people will never be forgotten. I know that God has a divine plan for him in the heavens and his earthly battle is over. I love you my brother Marlo, you will be missed.

randy on Monday, May 26 2014:

lastly, thank you to the police for all they do to keep this community safe, and thank you to the bars that support all the not profits through advertising, contributions and the purchase of pull tabs, and to the taxes they pay to help pay for roads, rebuilding the pool 3 times and all the other things that make this community great.

randy on Monday, May 26 2014:

Alcohol is not the most dangerous drug in this town, let's just get that and some other facts straight. Long before Unisea was the only bar in town, there were the Elbowroom/latitudes and Carl's, in the heyday of this island, when there were 5,000 more people from boats and in the plants than now. I worked here then and now, and trust me, this is like a child care compared to then. Most boats have zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol. In 1999 and abouts, if I didn't break up a fight 5 times a night, hopefully not involving objects, that was a nap night. Fights in the bars now are the exception not the rule, no one including safeway can control what goes on outside their walls.
Almost all arrests for violence, assaults and liquor violations are on the streets and private homes where there is no regulation of alcohol and drug abuse.. Businesses want to keep their licenses and not be fined, employees want to keep their jobs and not be fined, and want their customers happy and safe. The great lengths managers, bartenders and doormen have gone to to ensure fisherman make it back to their boats, that people get headed toward home in taxis and the impaired don't drive is not realized or praised enough. The ratio of drinkers to DWI's and drinkers to # of phone calls for fights etc, will tell you quickly this island is on par with the rest of the country if not better than most in this regard
Most police calls to the bars are initiated from the public establishments, in efforts to work with police, rather than against them, and to aid in public safety. The people that work in them care deeply about the people on this island, and like every person on this island, as there is no other reason to be here, they want to make money, but not at the sake of injury or death, and it's ridiculous to insinuate it.
The biggest problem on this island, which has nothing to do with the bars, is the meth and heroin sales and use here, people who can't even venture out and function in public, let alone get served alcohol. The people busted don't frequent bars, they have been bus drivers, taxi drivers, business owners, apt. managers, long term dock and union workers, family men etc etc, busted in their homes for the most part. These people have destroyed the youth and work force in this community, not a few alcoholic beverages.
Much of the arrests here can be contributed to this scourge in some way. I know this was long, but felt it needed to be said, good people here doing a hard job, and one that help this community in many ways.

Tom Enlow on Monday, May 26 2014:

The UniSea hospitality division abides by all City, State and Federal rules. The majority of our patrons enjoy alcohol responsibly at our restaurants. Sadly, some individuals make poor choices when they imbibe. Our condolences to all those involved in this tragedy.

WTH on Sunday, May 25 2014:

As far as this story goes, I don't know Marlo, but some of the comments are about the new bar going up? How is this gonna affect the number of people who are already out to drink? Blame everything on the the sports bar including an incident that happened at a bunkhouse not related to Unisea? I feel very sad for Marlo's family, I feel bad for everyone involved. No one deserves to die.

Encrypto on Sunday, May 25 2014:

Crazy Unisea, you need to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, YOU DO A DISSERVICE TO THIS TOWN. You serve up the most dangerous drug in the world in excess and when you close you wipe your hands of the drunks and sweep them out into our streets. YOU CAN'T EVEN CONTROL YOUR OWN FRONT WALK. You can't even shovel the side walks at the Grand and your customers must go through slush and mountains of snow to get in the lobby. You should lose your license immediately no question. You have lame security. Your managers from the top to the bottom need to be retrained or fired. A man dead now? ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

Heartfelt condolences to the Adams family and friends, I pray you are comforted in your suffering.

To the Unalaska City Council: What in the xxxx are you thinking issuing another bar across the street from the Grand? Do you want to turn this side of town into a drunken vice port? I mean we have the sports bar and liquor store and now two recent deaths including the stomping death of a man at the old Peking Restaurant steps, alcohol related of course. So let's add the new bar across from the Grand so we have drunks pulling out into the main road now, and heck, you even have a playground next to a propane distributor.

niko on Sunday, May 25 2014:

Marlo is my cousin, his dad is my mom`s brother.. We are very sad..Nobody won this fight.. Both sides of the families hurt, one dead and one is in jail.keep both sides in your prayers.Jesus saves

you - "Really" should learn to spell on Sunday, May 25 2014:

Been here many years - many more people get hurt falling on ice than have ever been hurt by being drunk in a bar. If you have money and can speak clearly enough to order a drink at a bar - the bar will serve you - it isn't the managers or drink servers obligation to count drinks and psychoanalyze as to who has had enough

KUCB News on Sunday, May 25 2014:

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randy on Saturday, May 24 2014:

As far as people staggering to the new bar from elsewhere, there is no rubber stamp that they will be served, people that cannot be served will not be allowed in or be served. Those that work in an establishment that sells liquor cannot control where and what alcohol someone consumes before they reach your door step, more than one beer in an hour, one double, a beer and one shot in the same hour, two glasses of wine in the same hour will put everyone on this planet over the legal limit, it's medical fact, so all you can do is go by how people act when you first see them, and monitor them throughout the evening to make your decisions as to if someone can be served or not.

Demian Walter on Saturday, May 24 2014:

I had the incredible honor to coach Marlo's stepson in youth football in 2009. I wont give names out of respect. But the kid I coached was one of the coolest kids I have ever met. he made it a joy to coach. I would go to this kids house every day to pick him up for practice because they didn't have a car. I loved that kid. They lived in a REAL REAL tough neighborhood in Yakima, Wa. I will never forget tho each time I would would walk up to that door and knock on it, Marlo would answer the door and great me with the BIGGEST smile and the most heartfelt welcome and talk to me for a few minutes and he was so respectful to me and honored the concept of a coach. I really enjoyed those few minutes each evening that I would encounter Marlo. marlo and his wife actually even invited me and my family to their wedding, what an honor that was. we couldn't make it cuz we had a prior obligation to attend to, but just to be invited by Marlo and his fiancé to attend their wedding was a real honor. He didn't know me at all outside of coaching his stepson but we developed a connection and a relationship. I am very saddened to hear about this story. My prayers go out to his family.

Marlo FAM on Saturday, May 24 2014:

Meant to say when his son was shot.

Yea Dat on Saturday, May 24 2014:

Happy Guy your Cute!!! This too will catch up with you. Marlo is just as messed up as anyone one else out here on his down side. But his up side is humble peaceful joyful caring honorable!!! The battle between good n bad in everyone is a given. But you need to chill or give your real name and then let's get together so you can tell us all about Marlo... In the manner you are now. Yea Dat!!!

martin lewis trimble on Saturday, May 24 2014:

I love you Marlo ADAMS.

Marlo FamilyMember on Saturday, May 24 2014:

Hey Jerome, Cant nobody tell u bout Marlo....We know.....

observation on Saturday, May 24 2014:

When alcohol is involved anything is possible. Had a few too many, maybe off balance already & got sucker punched could've thrown him off,making him stumble losing footing & falling. I've seen it happen to a few men when their significantly intoxicated. I feel sorry for this Mans family & friends I'm sure it was an unjust sneak punch & justice needs to be served.

innocent bystander on Saturday, May 24 2014:

If you think its exciting now, just wait until that new bar on the beach opens up. You can have a few at the hotel, then stagger across the road and toss down a couple more before trying to negotiate the way back home.

Jerome mcclelland on Friday, May 23 2014:

Excuse me... basis!

Eric Brown on Friday, May 23 2014:

UniSea once had security personnel patrol the bar during closing time to help stem such activities. The Unalaska Police also once stood by to help crowd dispersal before any arguments would occur at closing. Without their patrol, everyone is full of alcohol and sound judgment is no longer in use. Why has there been a change in this courtesy? It is always better to be proactive than reactive!

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