Supersized Cargo Ship Anchors In Unalaska

Tuesday, February 05 2013

Stephanie Joyce/KUCB

A massive cargo ship has safely anchored in Unalaska. Marine pilot Dave Arzt says the 1000-foot Shin Onoe and her crew of about 20 arrived Monday around 4 pm -- about two hours earlier than the response team had originally planned.

"So we boarded her a little early off Ulakta Head, and proceeded to come in and anchor her off Summer Bay," says Arzt. "And once she anchored up, she was able to start on her repairs."

The Shin Onoe was traveling to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, last week to pick up cargo when its turbocharger failed west of Attu. That left the Shin Onoe with almost no propulsion, and cut its maximum speed from about 15 knots to just 4 knots.

The vessel diverted from the Great Northern shipping route to Unalaska for repairs. Arzt says the Shin Onoe was fortunate to hit a weather window in the Bering Sea, and here in Unalaska, which should keep her stay a short one.

"The vessel will just conduct sea trials and make sure that repairs and have been completed, and the Coast Guard will sign off on those repairs, and then she’ll proceed," Arzt says.

Local tugs Gyrfalcon and James Dunlap will be standing by this week to assist the cargo ship, along with the contract tug Ocean Ranger.

Jon Goodson on Wednesday, February 06 2013:

Super size? I guess you guys have never seen a Great Lakes ore boat.

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