The Exchange: Planning Unalaska's Future

Wednesday, March 19 2014

City planning director Erin Reinders at KUCB's studios. /Credit: Lauren Rosenthal

Unalaskans know their community is on the verge of change. Increasing oil development in the Arctic could bring more industry to town. And that's something city planners want to be on top of far before it happens. They're preparing for a new comprehensive study this May on what residents want their city to look like -- what kinds of developments should be allowed, and where.

Along the way, the city is making smaller changes to its zoning code, also known as Title 8. There's a public hearing on some of changes -- including construction camps and housing developments -- this week.

Today on The Exchange, Unalaska Planning Director Erin Reinders joins us to talk about how her staff is working to envision Unalaska's future.

"housing developements" ? on Thursday, March 20 2014:

Putting the cart before the horse a bit here...EPA has declined the Shell oil rig air permits and spill response plans....and by the way; Isn't burning oil/fossil fuels causing climate change and global warming?....The conservationists in this community always talk alternative energy and the high cost of diesel - BUT when a big oil corporation says they may stage here for their arctic exploration - all Values are thrown out the window - we want their money - who cares if they are contributing to global warming or climate change - who cares about the Polar Bears if we humans can make a buck? That is sound decision making

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