The Exchange: What Lessons Does the Gulf Coast Hold for Unalaska?

Thursday, June 21 2012

Oil and gas development is the Arctic is on track to happen this summer, but what does that mean in the long-term for Unalaska and the Port of Dutch Harbor? Several city councilors, the mayor, the city manager and the city planning director went to Louisiana earlier this month to find out what changes the oil industry might bring to town. On this episode of The Exchange, Councilor Dave Gregory and Mayor Shirley Marquardt discuss the trip and what they think the future might hold for Unalaska.

Shell Shill? on Thursday, June 21 2012:

I tuned in to this program because I thought it would be an opportunity to hear one city council member's perspective on the oil development scene in rural Lousiana, and to possibly ask questions to that council member from a fisherman's perspective here in Unalaska. Once again, the forum was hijacked by the mayor. Can our elected council members not thing or speak for themselves without the mayor lurking around to make sure they stay on message and pat herself on the back for her forward thinking in "putting together this trip"? What we heard was that they didn't spend any of their time down there actually speaking to the little people. Instead we are fed the message that some executive who had roots in fishing did really well for himself. The trip was at best a waste of money. "The Exchange" was at best a waste of time.

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