Two Guilty Pleas in Skiff Theft Case

Friday, April 27 2012

Two men have pleaded guilty to criminal mischief charges related to a recent midnight escape from a floating processor.

Ismael Seery, 26, and Jason Miguel, 32, had initially been charged with vehicle theft in the first degree after taking a skiff from the Icicle Seafoods vessel Arctic Star on April 12. The Arctic Star was moored near Wide Bay at the time of the incident. According to court documents, Seery and Miguel decided to use the skiff to bring a disgruntled coworker to land while their supervisor slept. The pair had intended to drop off 25-year-old Adrian DeLeon, who was quitting his job without notification, and then return to the Arctic Star before morning, but their plans were foiled when the tide went out and the skiff became stuck on the beach in front of the Safeway grocery store.

“It was a bad mistake,” said Seery in a police interview.

Both guilty pleas were accepted this week. Seery has been put on probation for a year, while Miguel has been put on probation for three years. The skiff suffered $2,300-worth of damages because of the incident, and both are required to help pay for damages done to the skiff.

DeLeon, meanwhile, is seeking legal representation and remains charged with vehicle theft and criminal mischief.

Mary Stewart on Saturday, April 28 2012:

Yes, I agree. Should have waited. PPL need to be responsible for their actions. I am so thankful no one was hurt due to this "mistake".

Skiffer on Saturday, April 28 2012:

These people should have thought about what they were doing. They went on a lim and DeLeon knew if he just waited about 5hours he could quit and have a FREE RIDE to town. Instead they screwed over there Boss, and co-workers. They deserve what ever they get as puinshment

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