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News from the Unalaska City School District.

FOCUS: Vanessa's Interests in Minecraft

Dec 3, 2015

  “Vanessa’s Interests in Minecraft” is a story about a nine year old girl who stumbles into a very popular game in which she could create anything that pops up in her head. Through a series of questions, I found out what makes Minecraft so interesting and why she has much passion for the game. Minecraft is for gamers who would want to dedicate their time to build their own world. 

Focus is a short radio module of audio interviews and stories by UCS students. This plays on KUCB 89.7 FM on Thursdays at 11 am and 4 pm and Saturdays at 5 pm.

FOCUS: Mark Joshua Mina in Japan

Nov 26, 2015

  “Mark Joshua Mina in Japan” is about Allysa's brother who first dreamed of being a pilot during his younger years, and accomplished it when he finally arrived in Japan on July 31st, 2015 for his 2 years of work contract in Yokota Air Base. As the days passed, he witnessed differences among Unalaska, Philippines, and Hawaii. He also experienced the way Japan’s culture worked, like for example, their festivals, and courtesies and customs. Overall, what made him push this dream is his dream for his family. 

UCSD Student of the Week: Bridget Savage

Nov 25, 2015

The Principal’s pick this week, November 16-20, 2015, for Student of the week is Bridget for the following reasons:

Bridget always comes to class with a smile and a ready-to-work attitude. She is growing daily as an artist and was even awarded the prize of first place for the Unalaska’s annual Lion’s Club Poster Contest. Way to go Bridget—keep up the good work!  ~Ms. Palmer, Art Teacher

Raider Report: November

Nov 20, 2015

UCSD continued to be busy during the month of October.


  The 5th/6th Department selected Reena as Student of the Week  November 9-13, 2015 for the following reasons:

Reena is an asset to our fifth-grade classroom. Even with her quiet personality she is a leader among her peers. Reena is always going the extra mile in her studies as well as in group projects. Her kind personality and hard work ethic will take her miles and miles. Keep on shining, Reena!  ~Ms. Scott, 5th Grade Teacher