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Arts and culture reporting on news and community topics. Arts and culture coverage is occasionally submitted by community members.

Chrissy Roes

Signs of spring are everywhere this month.  As the snow melts, the results of a winter's worth of stormy weather is revealed. Trash has accumulated on the beaches and along the roads.  The Community Center organizes two weeks of intensive spring clean-up each year to address this issue.  The effort makes a big difference in the beauty of Unalaska.  

The Missoula Children's Theatre has been a vibrant part of spring in Unalaska for over 12 years, and this year was no exception.  The Missoula Children's Theatre's mission is build life skills in children through participation in the performing arts.   Two person teams travel to communities all around the United States, where they recruit local youth and cast, rehearse, and perform a play in 5 days.  

Unalaska Department of Parks, Culture & Recreation

  At the Alaska Library Association Annual Conference in March 2016, Unalaska City Librarian was elected to the Board of Directors for the statewide organization Alaska Library Network (ALN). Ms. Kresh will serve a two-year term on the board as a representative of large public libraries.

Unalaska City School students have been participating in a number of extra-curricular competitions off-island in recent weeks. The Raiders headed to Anchorage to compete at events hosted by Skills USA, the Business Professionals of America and the Alaska Science and Engineering Fair. 

Against stiff competition, UCS junior Trey Henning brought home first place in Cabinet Making at the Skills USA event. 

"Last year there were only five people in the cabinet making category, and this year there were eleven, so there was a bit more competition this year," Henning said. 

Artwork by: Gaby Garduque/AAC

  The Aleutian Arts Council’s Annual Community Art Show wrapped up last Sunday March 27, 2016. The 10-day exhibit in the Makushin Room of the Grand Aleutian featured works from over 20 participants and was well attended with daily visitors dropping in to browse and enjoy conversations with artists and other community members.  Carolyn Reed was the show’s curator and designed a flow that combined professionalism in art exhibition while highlighting the community’s uniqueness. The display ranged from hand-made jewelry pieces to stained glass to mosaics.