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Laura Kraegel/KUCB

The Museum of the Aleutians has reopened. At least, kind of.  

New Executive Director Dr. Neal Hitch has been on the job for the last two weeks. In that time, he said more than 970 people have visited the museum, even though it's technically closed.

At a meeting on Friday, Hitch told the museum's board of directors that most visitors are tourists who don't know the museum has been closed since last fall. That's when the board first placed former director Zoya Johnson on administrative leave after items from the collection were found in her home.

Laura Kraegel

The Qawalangin Tribe hosted the 19th Annual Camp Qungaayux this month. 

The cultural camp brought kids, elders, and community members to Humpy Cove for a weeklong celebration of Unangan tradition.

KUCB took in the action as campers learned to butcher a sea lion, jump ship in survival suits, and perform traditional Unangan dances.

Chrissy Roes / KUCB

The new executive director for the Museum of the Aleutians (MOTA) is finally arriving in Unalaska this weekend.

Dr. Neal Hitch is scheduled to reach the island on Sunday and start work on Monday, according to Melissa Good, secretary for MOTA's board of directors.  

Good said the museum should open "soon" after Hitch's arrival.

The museum has been closed — all but a handful of days — since the fall, when the board placed former director Zoya Johnson on administrative leave after items from the museum's collection were found in her home.


We are aware that local transmission of FM 91.1 has been off the air since Friday.  The outage is caused by a broken transmitter, which we believe was damaged in a power surge on Friday afternoon.

Annual Ballyhoo Mountain Run

Jul 26, 2016
Laura Kraegel

The Annual Ballyhoo Mountain Run took place on Saturday. In beautiful sunny weather, 34 racers conquered the 1,600 ft. summit. 

This year, Beatriz Dietrick broke the women’s record with a time of 31:35. The previous women’s record holder was Chris Craemer, with a time of 34:52 in 2008.

The medalists are:

Adult Men
1st place: Jack Olson
2nd place: Evan Hager
3rd place: Andres Ayures

Adult Women
1st place: Beatriz Dietrick
2nd place: Kat Phillips
3rd place: Patti Haase