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Laura Kraegel/KUCB

The women’s march on Washington drew half a million people to the nation’s capital on Saturday, with some protesting the election of President Donald Trump, some making a stand for equal rights, and many doing a bit of both.

The event inspired smaller satellite marches around the world, including one in Unalaska.

The weather was cold and clear as more than 80 Unalaskans marched across the Captains Bay Bridge.

Chrissy Roes / KUCB

The 9th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration took place on January 16th at the PCR gymnasium. The theme was “Caring Attitudes in Northern Latitudes." PCR coordinator Carlos Tayag was the master of ceremonies and the new PCR director, Roger Blakeley, gave a welcome address.


For thousands of years, fishing has been central to the culture and survival of the people of Unalaska Island.

The Museum of the Aleutians (MOTA) celebrated that tradition on Friday, by unveiling a new exhibit on the prehistoric technology that made the Unangax such successful fishermen.

The temporary exhibit has hundreds of fishing tools on display. Many of them are at least 3,000 years old, but MOTA Director Dr. Virginia Hatfield said most should be familiar to contemporary fishermen.

Courtesy Dr. Virginia Hatfield

The Museum of the Aleutians has a new executive director, Dr. Virginia Hatfield.  She took the reins at the beginning of January.

Hatfield is an archeologist by training. She says she fell in love with the field during an undergrad class called 'Prehistory of Texas.'

“What really sunk it for me was we went out at spring break to the desert and recorded rock art in a rock shelter," Hatfield said. "The desert was in full bloom and I was working with a bunch of volunteers that were anywhere from 30- to 70-years-old and everyone was just happy to be there doing this work.”

Chrissy Roes / KUCB

The Museum of the Aleutians has wrapped up the year by hiring a new executive director. Dr. Virginia Hatfield will step into her new position on January 3rd.

Hatfield, an archeologist, moves up from her role as collections manager.

She replaces Dr. Neal Hitch who reopened the museum this summer. It had been closed for nearly a year, following the resignation of the previous director when items from the collection were found in her home.