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School Board Seat E: Fernando Barrera

43 minutes ago

  Growing up in a family of educators instilled in me the significance of education as a basic building block in a young life, I believe Education can be a lifelong endeavor, as early on I witnessed the importance of a daily commitment to education. I found education is not only key to success, but also essential in shaping who we become.

City Council Seat E: John Waldron

1 hour ago


I first came to Unalaska in 1987 as a private contractor and worked until 1994.  In September of 2005 I decided to return to Unalaska as a police officer.  The decision was easy for me and my wife Robin as we knew about the Unalaska City School District reputation.  I was excited for my three children to attend, which two have graduated.  

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

Each year, KUCB offers local candidates the opportunity to tell voters about themselves, their qualifications, and why they are running for office.  This year you'll see 9 names on the ballot for School Board and City Council.  Personal statements from the candidates can be found by following the links below:

City Council Seat G: Shari Coleman

4 hours ago

I started working in Alaska in 1994, and moved to Unalaska in 1996.  As a native Texan, I had always wanted to live in Alaska, with its truly wide open spaces.  Unalaska quickly became home in my heart, even though the initial plan was for two years.  I came for the land, but stayed because of the people. 

City Council Seat E: Dennis Robinson

4 hours ago

I was born in Unalaska, I live with my wife Lynda, piano teacher and composer and our two boys, Liam and Tristan. I also have five grown daughters, Chelsea, Vanessa, Mariah, Kyesa and Ashley.  I have served on the Unalaska City Council from 1986-1992 and 2008-2014. My passion for this community, its citizens, its potential, its power and its beauty are unwavering. My interests in the community are as diverse as the community itself, ranging from city’s long and rich history, local industry, diverse cultures, and the arts. I am committed to do the best I can for all that live here.