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In Anchorage, 120 people are stuck on standby, waiting for flights to Unalaska.

PenAir has canceled 17 flights to the island this week, according to Missy Roberts, the airline’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Roberts said 10 flights were canceled because of poor weather or eruptions from Bogoslof Volcano. Airplane maintenance caused the other seven cancelations.


The city of Adak has downgraded a public notice calling for residents to boil their drinking water, after fixing a broken switch that compromised the water supply for nearly a month.

The community has been advised to boil water since 2007, because Adak’s aging treatment system relies on chlorine gas to disinfect water, rather than filtration.



The city of Adak is calling for all residents to boil their drinking water after their treatment system started malfunctioning. City Manager Layton Lockett says drinking the untreated water could make you sick.


“It’s like drinking out of a stream or a lake in that you might ingest some organisms that make your stomach upset,” Lockett said.


Laura Kraegel/KUCB

The U.S. Coast Guard has called off the search for two people who went missing Tuesday after their ship sank north of Unalaska.

Coast Guard officials made the announcement Thursday evening after a cutter, a helicopter crew, and several volunteer vessels spent more than 40 hours looking for the crew members of the sunken motor vessel Exito.

The ship went down late Tuesday night with five people onboard.


The search continues for two people that went missing Tuesday night after they abandoned a sinking ship north of Unalaska Bay.

On Wednesday, Petty Officer Meredith Manning said a U.S. Coast Guard cutter and three volunteer vessels combed waters around the island, but they found no sign of the crewmembers missing from the motor vessel E​xito.