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A small eastern Aleutian community is now getting nearly all of its electricity from renewable sources. With a second hydro facility that began producing power late this spring, the city of King Cove has dramatically reduced its dependence on diesel.

Gary Hennigh has been focused on renewable energy ever since his first city council meeting as King Cove City Administrator in 1989.

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Over the next four years, Unalaskans will see their monthly utility bills grow by $18.86 on average. For island businesses, it’ll be an $837.52 jump.

The City Council unanimously approved the rate hikes at a lightning-fast meeting Tuesday night.

The cost of wastewater utilities will increase by 15 percent over four years, while the cost of solid waste grows by 13.5 percent over three years.

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The Unalaska City Council is slowly moving closer to decisions on utility          rat​e hikes and commercial pot regulation. 

At a long meeting Tuesday night, councilors dove deeply into both issues, especially how to pay for upgrades to the treatment facilities for water, wastewater, and solid waste.

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After federal mandates forced the city to spend more than $50 million on utilities infrastructure, the Unalaska City Council is debating how much to raise local rates — and how fast.

The goal is to re​cover the money spent and borrowed to upgrade the city's treatment facilities for water, wastewater, and solid waste. 

At a meeting Tuesday night, city councilors considered several o​ptions, including hiking utility rates, raising the local sales tax, and poaching money from the general fund.