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As a high schooler in Portland, ME, Zoë got her first taste of public radio at NPR's easternmost station. From there, she's slowly moved west -- onto Boston where she studied at Wellesley College and worked at WBUR and WZLY. She's happy to be living close to the ocean again.

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Unalaska welcomed two Japanese-flagged vessels to port this week — one devoted to Arctic research, the other connected to controversial commercial whaling.

The first is the Oshoro Maru V, a research vessel for Hokkaido University's school of fisheries sciences.


Professor Toru Hirawake is the chief scientist onboard.




PenAir has canceled all flights to the Pribilof Islands for the rest of the month.

In a letter to community leaders, PenAir's Murphy Forner, senior vice president of ground operation and business development, wrote that the airline needs to conduct maintenance on its aircraft.

Forner said PenAir has already reached out to customers and made "other arrangements" for them.

Newscast: 07/17/18

Jul 17, 2018

Unalaskans can now participate in substance abuse treatment without leaving the island; Alaska's senators criticize President Trumps meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin; and St. George Island's fur seal harvest opens early due to a food shortage at the store.

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Unalaska’s basketball players are out of luck until August. The community center gym is closed while the floor gets resurfaced.


“There’s never a good time to do it," said Nick Cron, operations manager for the Department of Parks, Culture, and Recreation. "You can do it in the summer when there’s not as many people or the winter when school’s out and we’re not as busy. This time it’s going to be during the summer.”


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City Councilors and community members expressed overwhelming support Tuesday night for an ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags in Unalaska.

As it stands, the proposed ordinance would put the burden on retailers.