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Letter to the Community of Unalaska and Industry Partners

Apr 10, 2017

Dear Valued Community Members and Partners,

As you are aware, with the generous sponsorship of UniSea, Westward, and Alyeska, Iliuliuk Family & Health Services, Inc. (IFHS) has offered a community barbecue on Memorial Day for many years.  We find ourselves in a position to re-evaluate this event and have decided not to host it this year.  Our hope is that another organization will offer a meal and gathering opportunity on that day.

Credit Laura Kraegel/KUCB

IFHS lost its executive director in August, 2016.  Since that time, the position has been filled with an interim director.  We are actively recruiting for a permanent replacement and making every effort to ensure our choice is a good fit for our community.  The board of directors and staff are also working on strategic planning.  This includes an opportunity to review our mission - to reconnect and recommit - "to providing quality integrative health care and to promote health and well-being."  It's important that you are able to see our mission in action, to include the types of events we choose to host.

Times of transition bring both challenge and opportunity.  We are looking at our challenges as opportunities.  We hope you see a number of quality improvements throughout the remainder of the year. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Please contact any member of our board of directors or acting executive director, Michelle Cochran at 581-1202, with any questions or concerns.

IFHS Board of Directors

Billie Jo Gehring (President), Sharon Svarny-Livingston (Vice President), Joel Collins (Secretary/Treasurer), Eskarlen Magdaong, Kim Rodriguez, Lydia Gordon, Tammy Taylor, Ferdinand Lopez, Janice Krukoff