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Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety

The fishmeal plant at Westward Seafoods is still closed after an ex​plosion last month caused more than $100,000 worth of damage. But police say they may have identified the cause of the blast, which they're calling an "industrial accident."

Investigator Chris Honan of the Unalaska Department of Public Safey said a saltwater pipe that burst shortly before the explosion may have been the "point of ignition."

That's still unconfirmed, but Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Shockley said it's likely the pipe produced friction as it ruptured, sparking the fishmeal dust in the air.

Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety

Police are investigating an explosion that damaged the We​stward Seafoods plant Monday night.

No one w​as injured in the blast, but the Unalaska Department of Public Safety estimates the building sustained more than $100,000 in damage.

Public Safety Director Mike Holman said thirteen responders arrived at Westward around 6:45 p.m. to find smoke pouring out of the plant.

"There was heavy smoke and steam coming out of the fish meal area," said Holman. "The sprinklers were going off, and fire alarms were going off as well. But they did not find a fire."

ADF&G Weekly Sport Fishing Report: Sept. 15, 2016

Sep 15, 2016

  Regulation reminders:

· The bag limit for Unalaska Bay fresh and saltwaters is 5 salmon per day of which only 2 may be sockeye and 2 may be coho.

· The bag limit for the remainder of Unalaska Island is 5 salmon per day all of which may be sockeye or coho.

· Anglers are reminded that Town Creek (Iliuliuk) is closed to snagging upstream of the markers near the boat launch.

· Remember: the seasonal closure of the saltwaters within 250 yds of Summer’s Bay Creek is in effect as of August 16th.


This season, the unpredictable tanner crab population isn't looking so good for Aleutian fishermen. At least, that's what the state's trawl survey indicated this summer.

But the City of Unalaska has joined an emergency petition urging the Alaska Board of Fisheries to take another look.

At a City Council meeting last week, Councilor Frank Kelty explained the survey showed low numbers for female tanners. That's led the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to consider serious conservation measures.

"The whole fishery could be shut down," said Kelty.

ADF&G Weekly Sport Fishing Report: Sept. 8, 2016

Sep 8, 2016

Regulation reminders: