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NOAA FishWatch

Friday at noon is the start of the B-season for pollock. Unlike the A-season, which focuses on pollock roe, the B-season harvests the fish for its fast food and surimi potential.

The quota for B-season is over 778,000 metric tons -- which are split between four groups -- AFA onshore, catcher processors, motherships, and CDQ. And that’s only a part of the total allowable catch (TAC) of 1.3 million metric tons for the entire year. National Marine Fisheries Services Krista Milani says the yearly TAC has slowly been creeping up. 

Pipa Escalante/KUCB

That smell by the s-curves -- that’s UniSea cleaning up its 30-year-old seafood waste pile. Vice President of corporate affairs -- Chris Plaisance says the company is taking action now because the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a consent decree -- ordering them to remove the legacy waste pile and disperse it six to seven miles out to sea.

He expects the dredging project to be completed by mid July. Then the outfall area will be left to settle. After two months, underwater survey equipment will be brought in to ensure the pile has been successfully removed

The fishing season continues to be in a lull. Frank recaps this week's numbers.

It's another slow week before the June 10 start of the pollock B season. Frank recaps this week's numbers.

A relatively slow season in the United States' top fishing port, Frank recaps this week's numbers.